10 Reasons Why We Wish For A Husband Like Shahid Kapoor


10 Reasons Why We Wish For A Husband Like Shahid Kapoor


Shahid Kapoor sure is a rage and people specially women drool over him. He is such a good looking star who has made his mark in Bollywood with his talent. Today, I am sharing 10 reasons why women wish to have a husband like him and why we think Mira Rajput is God damn lucky.


  1. He is such a gentleman; he is not abusive at all


shahid kapoor the indian celebrity

We often see celebrities getting offended or abusive whenever flanked by crowds or media, but Shahid Kapoor has always been a thorough gentleman and has never been seen mouthing obscenities at all. Wish, every celebrity could learn from him.


  1. Respects his Ex


bollywood hero+shahid kapoor

We all know how his relationship with Kareena went bad when latter dumped him and married Saif Ali Khan but still Shahid never lost his composure and till date praises Kareena for what she is professionally.


  1. His travel selfies just wins our heart

shahid withw wife review


He and his wife have been sharing selfies which are just too good and make you smile seeing them happy together.


  1. The way he is taking care of his wife just make us go awwww.

shahid kapoor+respectful man


He cares for his wife Mira like a baby which is what every wife would want from her husband and which makes one go jealous.



  1. His is just so cute and romantic looking


shahid kapoor +makeup

His looks make you drool over him. Ever since he appeared in his first Pepsi commercial, women are seen fascinated by his good looks. His chocolate boy looks are a reason for many a women to die for him.


  1. His acting is fabulous and never fails in his performance


best actor+shahid kapoor

There is no denying the fact that despite having his parents as actors, he has carved his niche himself. He was part of the Shaimak Davar’s dancing troupe and made filmmakers note him and caste him. He has been a star son without any unnecessary airs.


  1. He respect his step mother and treat his step brother/sister like his own

caring husband+shahid kapoor


His respect for women is more prominent from the way he respects his step mother Supriya Pathak Kapoor. She is married to his father since years and she has always found Shahid as a respectful person which is evident from his behavior in public. He also adores his step brother and sister a lot. He treats them like his real siblings and that makes him even more loveable.


  1. His never say die attitude 


shahid kapoor+the hero

His attitude to fight and come back winning is definitely something one can notice from the way he has currently shaped his career. He has had flops but he never gave up like some of the actors equal his age did. He always has tried his best and came back strongly.


  1. And he is someone who is just getting better with age just like old wine..Be it girls ,married or mommies all have a crush on him


shahid with kareena

Shahid Kapoor is one name which is a universal favorite of all. You may find subjective fan following for other actors as per their ages, but regarding Shahid, you would find women across ages falling for him. His cute looks are only improving as he is ageing. This is just commendable about Shahid. He sure knows how to maintain himself.




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