10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking



10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking


Once you get into the habit of smoking it throws you in a downward spiral. Most of the time smokers don’t realize the ill-effects of smoking and when they do realize, it becomes too late. Smoking causes irreversible damage to body. It affects the appearance of a person badly and we are all aware of the many health problems it may cause. Those of you who don’t know the hazards of smoking or just need a reminder, here are 10 facts that will definitely make you want to kick the butt.


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Smoking makes teeth Yellow

Smoking stains teeth due to the presence of nicotine and tar in tobacco. This results in yellowing of teeth which turn brown over a period of time. Smoking increases the chances of dental plaque and also reduces blood flow in gums. Smokers have high chances of gum diseases which eventually result in teeth loss. Smoking is also a big cause behind mouth cancer

Smoking makes you age faster

Smoking ages skin though you may not notice it quickly. More smoking means premature wrinkles. Nicotine narrows down the blood vessels and so less blood flows towards skin. It means that oxygen and other nutrients do not reach skin in required amounts. Tobacco also destroys elastin and collagen. You also get under-eye bags as a result of smoking. Moreover the ‘smoking expressions’ and cigarette heat invite wrinkles faster.

Smoking makes you smell bad

How terrible is the breath of smokers! Add to it the badly smelling body, clothes and house. Nobody would want to go near such a person who reeks of tobacco all the time.

Smoking makes your skin sag

Smoking not only causes wrinkles on face but it also makes the skin all over body go loose. Wrinkled hands and sagging breasts can result within ten years of smoking.

Smoking makes you dependent on it

You want to be independent but still stay dependent on one thing- cigarettes. Cigarettes are addictive. Your life starts running around your smoking habits. You may even stop the work you are doing just to grab a smoke. You constantly worry about finding a place to smoke. These factors make you less energetic and more lethargic.


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Smoking affects your periods badly

The nicotine stick has the potential to make your menstrual cycle irregular. It also makes your cramps worse and may also cause menopause at an early age. Also such menopause comes with really hard-to-deal-with symptoms.

Smoking hinders Pregnancy

If you are trying to conceive without any success then you may give a thought to quitting the smoke. And obviously if you do get pregnant, your baby will face serious health hazards. Smokers may suffer from miscarriages and there is a high risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in newborns of smoker mothers.

Smoking makes you sick

Smoking is one of the biggest causes behind lung and throat cancer. It also decreases bone density. More diseases that occur frequently in smokers are cataract, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcers. Smoking also slows down healing process in case of wounds and surgeries.

Smoking makes you anxious

Yes smoking even leads to depression. A depression that you may have no idea about. Cigarettes have anti-depressants that mask the symptoms of depression but not the psychological problem. It causes mood swings and anxiety. These factors make it even tougher to quit cigarettes.

Smoking affects others

The people around smokers catch secondhand smoke which is even more harmful. Secondhand smokers are prone to cold and flu a lot more than normal people. Secondhand smoke can cause cancer in nonsmokers. Secondhand smoke also causes breathing problems, lung disease and heart problems. Children exposed to secondhand smoke are more prone to asthma, pneumonia and ear problems.

Do you smoke? When are you planning to quit smoking?

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  1. thankfully i do not smoke… and peopel near me cannot smoke since am allergic to it..
    very nice post maitri,, i hope it opens the smokers’ eyes


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