10 Romantic Surprises That Will Make Your Partner Fall For You All Over Again


10 Romantic Surprises That Will Make Your Partner Fall For You All Over Again

Hey Everyone! Season of love may have ended but like most of use believe there is no single day only meant for love and you can make any day Valentine’s day with all the small and precious moments and count them as life long memories! Let me list out 10 Romantic Surprises That Will Make Your Partner Fall For You All Over Again, some of which I successfully executed while some I dream of doing in the coming days or years! πŸ™‚

Having said that, I received my husband after 6 months time and due to uncertainties regarding his return date, I could not do muchΒ  as in plan surprises for him due to this! Moreover, he had to leave the next day to hometown even didn’t help much! But there again I say, that a particular day or time is not essential to surprise your partner and make them fall for you! πŸ™‚

You can do it any other day when you can plan it out as per his and your convenience! πŸ™‚

Well, it been only 5 years since I married my husband but courtship of 2 years gave me ample chances to throw surprises to him not because he would fall for me or I needed to be assured, its just because these are moments in life you remember after so many years and it makes everything so special!

For Him Surprises-

Write Them Letters-

Believe it or not, but hand written letters and notes are a lifetime memory and you cannot express everything in texts or mails! So, when my husband was going for his first sailing, I wrote him letters for each month for 9-months in which his birthday, my birthday our anniversary dates would fall and what all I wanted to say to him if I was with him! And yes, it was on a condition that he will open only the letters labeled for the specific month! He was really happy while handing those letters to keep them safe!

Valentine’s Day Surprise-

valentines day

It happened by chance that Valentine’s day fell just before 3 days when he had to leave for sailing and so I arranged for a big best buddy/ husband card and had few of our favorite pastries to celebrate it quietly! He took the card to the ship and used to read it every now and then! πŸ™‚

You can gift him pillows, mugs etc.

Gift something you like-

valentines day love

I have seen most men picking for themselves and their partners! While for some it is obligatory to wear what there partner chooses, while for some it is up to you! He never takes anything which I don’t like and so this time I got him two t-shirts without telling and was really happy that he loved both of them to the core! So much so that he pulled out one from them and chose to wear the same day while going out! πŸ™‚ (At least, I know he didn’t pretend to like them but that he actually liked! )

Cook something special without telling!

easy chocolate fudge valentine's day

He must have expressed eating something like a dessert or a special occasion dish mainly prepared during festivals. So surprise him by preparing the same and let him realize that youΒ  are really the best thing happened to him and that his happiness is all what you want! πŸ™‚

Prepare for a Cozy Candle Light Dinner in Pjs-

dinner on the beach langkawi

Sounds not so glam but it has its own charm and you accept it or not, men love to chill out in their most comfy clothes so why put the pressure to suit up! Well, this was a mutual decision to make our evening memorable as we prepared dinner together and placed it on the table just as artistically we could and had long conversations and loads of gossip in our pj’s! πŸ˜‰ We preferred an electronic dim lamp as I didn’t have a large candle that would survive our long relaxing meal and endless talks! πŸ™‚

For Her Surprises-

Bring Flowers without Any occasion-

birthday flowers

On birthdays or Valentine’s day everybody brings flowers but bring flowers to your wife/ girlfriend even without any special reason! This is never going to fail and you will make her instantly happy!

Arrange for a special Girly Time/ Sleepover-

Although you so wish to be a part of the plan but planning something along with her best buddies will surely make her trip and fall yet again for you! πŸ™‚

Plan for a weekend getaway-

Just imagine how happy she will be to know that you want to take her somewhere to relax yourselves although on work front you are too tied up and not able to give an ample time to your partner over weekends! This sweet surprise will surely tickle her heart in the best way!

Paint her nails/ or comb her hair-

If you have a lazy Sunday at bay and you are not going to spend it going out stuck in traffic then probably a pampering with little things like these will make your day! And later both of you can discuss world problems or the latest gossips over beer! πŸ™‚

Send her Surprise gifts-

Not necessarily it should be something pricey! Anything which you think she needs or you liked picking for her will make her happy and she will really say it again and again that she falls each day for you over and over again! πŸ™‚

I have not included those candles and rose petal ideas because the post-surprise mess is a little much and you have to take care of a lot of things with fire around while you are spending time with your loved one!

Well, these were some of the most easy to do surprises you can do for your partner! Do share your best surprise which you gave or received from your partner!

How do you make your partner fall in love with you?

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