10 Shaving Know How’s For The Beginners


10 Shaving Know How’s For The Beginners

New to shaving your legs? Well, below are some must know’s for you before you begin with the exercise. To have the best results, we should follow the steps as listed below and have a healthy shave. Since it is a part of your hygiene, the basic hygiene of the razors and creams you use is obviously a must, so please always use a clean razor and clean stuff to maintain your hygiene.

Even if you are not new to this regime, start following this post to have a better experience henceforth.
The steps are very basic and simple, and I am sure the experienced folks would now realize what problems they have been facing and what could be done to improve the overall regime.

Exfoliate your skin-

Always follow a exfoliation routine before you go for a shave. This would help prevent the clogging of your razors with dead skin. I am sure most of you who have been doing it have faced it and we wonder why does this happen even to good quality razors. Well this is the reason.


Find a right Razor-

Right razor is one with a soft grip and a large number of blades that do not make you go for that shave and the last hair left again and again. We often go for the fancy looking razors that claim a lot but in the end are not worth a shaving exercise at all. Always ensure the razor is popular and is good.

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Shopkeepers are usually able to help with this or you could go and read reviews online.

Go for an effective cream-

Lather is pretty important for a close shave. Do not use soap for forming lather, rather go for a moisturizing shaving cream that gives you softer foam. Soaps leave your skin dried and increase the incidences of clogging of the blades so one must avoid them for best results.

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Always choose a cream suited to your skin-

Like we do for other creams for face, our cream for legs and thighs also needs to be compatible with our skin. DO not go for any other cream

Go for a shave after your shower-

Tips to avoid shaving nicks for women

This is the best time to go for a shave as the pores are all opened and moisture is retained on your skin. Moreover the shaving cream then adds to the moisture content for a smooth shave that would hardly take a few minutes than compared to any other time of the day.

Do shave your thighs-

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Most of us shave our legs but forget the thighs while they need to be shaved as well.

Do not dry with a towel-

After you are done with shaving, it is best to avoid touching a towel to your skin as it may cause redness or rashes.

Longer strokes are not necessary-

Most of us believe in beginning and ending shaving in a matter of 5 minutes. While it is dangerous from the safety angle, no shaving is done in this short a duration. You must not go for longer strokes alone, as this may not give you the desired results. Sometimes multiple shorter strokes help better in getting rid of unwanted hair.

Moisture is needed for legs-

Do not forget to moisten your legs using a lotion once they are dried after shave, as this would ensure the retention of smoothness.

Moisturize your skin before shaving

SPF is also a need-

Your skin is now more susceptible to sun’s glares. Keep them SPF protected to prevent tan and dead skin appearance.

Hope these 10 steps are well registered with you.

Have you ever tried shaving for hair removal?

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