10 Shraddha Kapoor Lipstick Shades You Must Check Out!


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10 Shraddha Kapoor Lipstick Shades You Must Check Out!

Shraddha Kapoor is the most adorable actress in Bollywood. With her cute smile and beautiful features, she quickly gained popularity in India. The Actress who is also a Singer always looks charming and confident. She is often seen in trendy fashionable outfits with to the point makeup. Most of the times the actress is seen in different shades of Pink lipstick. Here are top 10 Shraddha Kapoor Lipstick shades:

⦁ Shraddha Kapoor with Pink lip colour:-

This is a very fresh looking picture of Shraddha Kapoor with beautiful Pink lipstick. She looks very gracious in this one and similar lip shade can be found in Maybelline 14-hour Superstay lipstick in the shade Eternal Rose.


⦁ Shraddha with soft brown neutral lips:-

brown lipstick

lipswatch mac

With Smokey eyes and messy waves hairstyle, Shraddha looks gorgeous. Her lip color looks soft brown to accentuate the eye makeup. Close match to this one is by Mac fast play lipstick.

⦁ Shraddha in shades of pink:-

plum taste lipstick

plum tast lipstick

It is clear that Shraddha Kapoor loves pink lipstick as she is seen in different shades of pink all the time. In this picture Shraddha looks super cute and similar shade of this lip color is Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in the shade 402 Plum Tasic.

⦁ Shraddha Kapoor with Red Lipstick:-

russian red lipstick
russian lipstick red

The Aashiqui actress looks breath-taking in this picture. Her makeup and hairstyle is so pretty and the bold Red lipstick completes the look. Close match to this lip color is Mac lipstick in the shade Russian Red.

⦁ Shraddha Kapoor with Bright pink lipstick:-

light pink lipstick

classy pink lip swatch
Bright pink shade looks attractive and Shraddha looks pretty in this one as well. It’s a very fresh bright pink lip color and close match to this is Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick in the shade Classy pink.

⦁ Shraddha Kapoor with Classic Bold Lips:-

bold brown lipstick

bold brown lipswatch

A Bold lipstick can never go wrong and looks very classic. This shade is dark maroon with brown undertones and similar shade can be found in Maybelline Color Show lipstick – Hot Chocolate

⦁ Shraddha Kapoor with sheer lipgloss:-

lipgloss the sheer

The actress looks comfortable with less makeup and sheer lip-gloss. This no-makeup makeup looks good when paired with sheer lip gloss. Maybelline high shine lip gloss in the shade Berry Brilliance is a nice option.

⦁ Shraddha Kapoor with Orange Red Lipstick:

orange lipstick

Inglot freedom lipstick shade 37 LOTD+inglot shade lipstick orange shade 37

Orange Red lipstick is in trend and it suits all complexions nicely. The Actress looks splendid and close match for this shade of lipstick can be Kryolan Lipstick L190

⦁ Shraddha Kapoor with dark pink lip colour:-

fuchsia lipstick


This is another superb picture of the Actress. Here she has little bit of heavy makeup look paired with dark pink lips. Maybelline Color Show lipstick in the shade Violet Fusion looks similar.

⦁ Shraddha Kapoor with dark brown lips:-

dark brown lip color
lipswatch review

This Bold and Beautiful picture of Shraddha is the best one. Here she looks absolutely Confident and her makeup is on fleek. Close match to this lip color is Maybelline Color Show lipstick in the shade Nutty Cookie.


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