10 Skincare Secrets That Are Scientifically True


10 Skincare Secrets That Are Scientifically True

Hello, beauties! Skincare is something which we all love doing but do we really test the scientific facts behind those? Well, though some of the techniques which we follow are scientific to the core, there are many which are miles away from being logically true. So it’s time now to ditch those ways and means and adopt something which we can prove scientifically. Listing 10 ways to take care of your skin which is scientifically true. Scroll down!

10 ways To take care of your skin which is scientifically true:

  • Use Chlorophyll

When we are concerning skin issues, the first thing that comes to every girl’s mind is acne. Yes, this monster can be treated by including chlorophyll into your water. Chlorophyll is said to regulate the hormonal balance of the skin and help to regulate acne formation.

  • Use a toilet paper to pop the zits

Well, we know not to pop those zits on our face but if you are one among those who always does that, make sure to use a tissue paper or clean toilet paper while doing so. This will help to avoid contamination with your nails and will help to reduce it more quickly.

  • Green tea bags and cold spoons

Green tea and cold spoons are really beneficial for your tired and puffy eyes. For this, dip green tea bags into warm water and then apply on your eyes. Caffeine helps to fight tired and puffy eyes. Also, apply spoon dipped in ice cold water just after the tea bags for better results.

  • Use the right exfoliator

Well, exfoliation is not only to get rid of dead cells but also to get smoother skin. So make sure the exfoliating beads are really mild so that they don’t scratch your skin. Also, look for exfoliators that have AHA and Lactic Acid in them to make the results better.

  • Men’s razor

Well, shaving the face is the latest trend among ladies nowadays but there are various opinions regarding what razor to use. There are certain people who say that girls can’t use men’s razor but that’s not true at all. In fact, you can use men’s razor as long as you keep it clean and change blades at regular intervals. But if you want a closer shave, then opt for eyebrow razors.

  • Exfoliate rules

Has exfoliation no rules? Think again! There are certain rules for exfoliation and one of them is the number of times you can exfoliate. If you are in your 20s, you can exfoliate for 2 times a week and if you are in your 30s then 3 times a week and so on…

  • Retinol goal:

If you are worried about ageing, then retinol can be your BFF. It is one of the best ingredients to cure and treat ageing signs and prevent them from coming back. But make sure to check the amount to avoid over-drying!

  • Birth control pills 

Birth control pills may sound a little weird but they do help to a great extent in treating your acne. They regulate your hormones and in turn regulate acne. But do consult your doctor before opting for them.

  • Probiotic goals

Probiotics are gaining popularity these days for their immense benefits both internally and externally. They are really good for the internal system and also gives a bounce to your skin. Make sure to refrigerate the products before consuming.

  • Prevent acne

If you are looking for a scientific solution to heal that acne within a small time, then try these two ingredients – Hydrocortisone and Neosporin. Hydrocortisone will help in curing the redness and the Neosporin will speed up the healing process of the acne.

That’s all folks! Hope you will now do scientific skincare.

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