10 Smokey Eye Makeup Mistakes To Avoid


10 Smokey Eye Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Smokey eyes has become a rage now a days, they are dramatic and very bold to carry. The showbiz looks remarkably smitten by smokey eyes and so are we. The idea of Sultry, intense and dramatic eyes to give a break to daily mundane looks gives Smokey eyes some space to show their magic.


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Creating a smokey look is no fun, it requires a lot of practice and imagination. As I always say everything about makeup is an art and so is doing smokey eye makeup, but every art too has certain rules, avoiding which the full picture gets ruined.

Just applying makeup products cannot simply create a look, you need to focus on a lot more stuff, about what to do and what not to do. Today I shall share with you all some smokey eye makeup mistakes that you should always avoid, or else you might have a terrible look.

Read on.

Not Color Correcting Your Dark Circles:


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Dark circles, pigmented under eye area, and puffy eyes are major concerns that may make your look appear odd. So do not ever skip correcting your dark circles or straight away use concealor instead always apply a color corrector to rectify dark circles and then follow up with a skin tone matching concealor.

Not Priming


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Priming is the first step to give base to soft or intense eye makeup. Priming not only serve in smooth application, but also serves as a good base for eye shadows n ad ensure their longevity. If you skip priming your lids with an eye primer then you have a risk of early creasing of eye shadows. So never skip using a primer as they support in making a lively & fresh look and also offers a long lasting wear time for your Smokey eyes.

Eyeliner Overload

Please never use too much of eye liner with smokey eyes, you are looking for a sultry dramatic eye look not for horror show. Heavy eyeliner over the Smokey eye makeup raises a very rough and ugly look to the eyes. Try to maintain a balance with your eye liner usage and keep it simple. Also just do not leave an eye liner without smudging.

Applying Eye Liner And Mascara Before Eyeshadow

If you are applying your eyeliner and mascara prior to your eye shadows, it will result as a mess during blending. So never apply eye liner and mascara before eye shadows or else you will have a hard time creating a perfect eye makeup look.

Improper Blending


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Improper blending is the biggest crime. Blending is the vital to any makeup look creation. Spending in a good eye shadow blending brush is the key to start for a good blending experience. A good blending will blend various color transitions, avoid harsh edges and make them look seamless.

Creating A Rainbow Of Colors

Leave your rainbow painting for your school, but for a smokey eye makeup look, never use so many colors. A red, blue, green, black all together looks a mess, instead concentrate on color co-ordinations and also try sticking to various colors from same color family for a good smokey look.

Using A Dark Shadow On The Inner Corner

Do not ever apply a deep eye shadow color in the direction of the inward corner of your eyes. This slip-up will enhance more blackness to the eye area, creating it seem dismal and worn-out. Always apply soft shimmery white, light beige or cream color to the inner corner of your eyes, this will highlight, brighten and bring more light to your eyes, thereby making your eyes appear bigger.

Forget The Balance


Katrina kaif makeup smokey eye makeup tutorial Katrina Kaif eye makeup

Most people often do the eye lid makeup really intense and leave the lower lash line bare. Every time put on some eye shadow or  kohl on the lower lash line to make a balanced out texture for your eye makeup.

Not Highlighting Your Brow Bone

Do not ever miss highlighting your brow bones. Irrespective of how your eye makeup is, heavy or subtle, you must always add some highlighting eyeshadow to your brow bone area. This will highlight your eyes and give it.

These were some common eye makeup mistakes that you should always avoid. Avoid these mistakes and prepare yourself for the perfect smokey eye makeup look.

What among these was the mistake that you have been committing so far?

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