10 Sparrow Tattoo Designs Ideas


Sparrow is a bird very close to my heart. I still remember the time when I was small (really really small), I used to gaze and smile by myself at those little brown birds hopping boldly on my veranda, and their process of making themselves at home in my home. They came to build their nest on our building crevices and I used to think they were there to play with me.  😀

And I became so excited when Anamika told me to do a post on Sparrow Tattoos. Pretty interesting… 🙂

Sparrows live close to land and in close quarters with us. They represent freedom, luck, fortune, love, trust and safe journey. Back in the days of the tall ships, sailors would get a sparrow tattoo before crossing a sea, it meant good luck and helps bring them back safe on land. The ancient Egyptians believed that sparrows would bring the souls of those who had died. This belief was another reason for a sailor to get inked a sparrow tattoo, like when the sailor had the misfortune of dying at sea, according to the legend the sparrow would carry their spirit to Heaven.

I love these small, cute birds and want to get them inked on my body someday. Below is a list of Sparrow Tattoo designs I like, and want to share these with you all.

Flying Sparrows:

The most common and loved of the lot. The Flying sparrow represents freedom and eternal free spirit. Like the flock of sparrows flying on the sky, these flocks of birds when tattooed look stylish and interesting. Flock of flying sparrows look good on many places of the body, including back of ear, around the neck, hand, arm, feet etc.

Flying Sparrows

Flying Sparrow

Symbol of Love (True wala love):

Sparrow is different from most birds ( most of men as well). When they find their soul mate, they stay with them till the end of their life. Thus, a sparrow is a symbol of true love, dedication and trust.

Symbol of Love sparrow

Vigilant Sparrows:

The Sparrow is ever vigilant in her goals and keeps careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. She is always bustling for her food, foraging for her nests, and gathering for her young. Fastidious and productive, the Sparrow is a reminder that idle hands (and idle minds) should be avoided in order to live a full, healthy life.

Vigilant Sparrows:

Remembering them:

The sparrow tattoo can be inked holding the ends of a banner that bears the name and birth/death dates of the person being memorialized. I know for people leave us, we don’t need banners to remember them, they are special and will always be there on our hearts, will always be remembered and missed. This tattoo is just a way to show “Yes, you are still there with me, as you always have been…”
Also, these tattoos can be inked for the person who is still there with u. You know, to show the love..

Remembering them:

Sailing off:

Sparrows are known for traveling great distances, but always returning home safe and sound.

Sailing off sparrow tattoo

Angel sparrow:

These birds are often associated with the divine. People used to think that since they flew in the sky, that they spoke to the gods.

Angel sparrow tattoo

Feathering off:

These “birds coming out of weather” tattoos are very unique and symbolizes growth. From one feather comes out numerable birds.

Feathering off sparrow tattoo

Cartoon Sparrows:

These are my favorites. I’m sure going to do the middle one.

Cartoon Sparrow tattoo

Sparrows sitting on branches:

These small birds sitting on tree branches look very cute in real, and as well as when inked …

Sparrows sitting on branches:

Below are a few just random sparrow tattoo designs, which I didn’t list under any subheadings, but these are equally pretty.

random sparrow tattoo designs

But the saddest part is, the birds which could be found everywhere are hard to spot now. The bird has been on decline throughout the world due to our day by day increasing greediness and selfish motives.

Let’s pledge to bring back the sparrows and get inked a sparrow as a tribute to our little winged friends. 🙂

Do you like sparrow tattoo designs?

P.S- All images are taken from pinterest if you own any of the picture and want is to remove it then please mail us at [email protected]

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  1. The majority of these birds are swallows. They have a forked tail. The sparrow is a plump little bird, like the tattoos in “sparrow sitting on branches”. These are all pretty cool though.


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