10 Stunning Arabic Mehndi Designs You Can Try This Rakshabandhan


10 Stunning Arabic Mehndi Designs You Can Try This Rakshabandhan

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Poonam is one of the most awaited festivals all over India. Raksha Bandhan is a special festival celebrated by brothers and sisters where we celebrate the love and duty between brothers and sisters. Mehndi or henna painting has become an inevitable part of our culture without which any celebration is incomplete. As the beautiful festival to celebrate the love bond between brothers and sisters is around we are here with 10 stunning mehndi designs you can try this Rakshabandhan.

Simple Full Palm Design-

This design is simple and s just needs a steady hand. This pattern will look chic on every hand not only on Rakshabandhan, but on every occasion.

Arabic Mehndi 1

Floral Arabic Design-

This is an Arabic mehndi design with a modern twist. Make it on your hands to look unique.

Arabic Mehndi 2

Twisted Tear Drop Design-

Though of Persian origin and the modern name, paisley is of Scottish descent, made fashionable in Europe by the town of Paisley in Central Scotland, this has almost become Arab’s and India’s traditional design which rules both the culture. It can be used in various forms and can be designed in many different ways. Resembling a twisted tear-drop, the design is considered auspicious in traditions.

Arabic Mehndi 3

Full Floral Palm Design-

If you like really thick lines and hands full with mehndi, this design will satiate your desire without looking OTT.

Arabic Mehndi 4

Floral Tendril Design-

Floral patterns adorned by leaves and tendrils. Each and every flower has its own enchanting meaning. Hibiscus is considered pious in both Arabic and Indian cultures and its beauty is associated with femininity and gentleness, calm and composite. The rose mehndi design can be beautiful, elegant and sexy and stands for love, passion and romance.

Box Mehndi Design-

Box mehndi is one of the most famous mehndi designs. It looks beautiful and classy, but the intricate box designs are very easy to draw. You can compliment it with flowers and other different patterns.

Arabic Mehndi 6

Simple Flower Tendril Design-

If you want a simple design, then this is for you. A flower in the center and pretty attachments. This pattern is really simple and perfect for minimal look.

Arabic Mehndi 7

Colored Mehndi Design-

Owing to the colorful people they are, colored mehndi designs are very common in them.  So you can try a subtle colored mehdi design this Rakshabandhan.

Arabic Mehndi 8

Round Center Design-

Round mehndi designs are trending and are pretty common in Arabic mehndi designs. These kinds of designs are often complemented with box designs.

Arabic Mehndi 9

Traditional Arabic Design-

Traditional Arabic mehndi design with modern interpretation. This is actually a fusion of the most used patterns and designs. Like it as flowers, box patters, paisley, everything.

Arabic Mehndi 9a

So which design are you choosing? Let us know. And also don’t forget to share your pictures of mehndi adorned palms with us.

Have you tried these Arabic Mehndi Designs before?

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