10 Stunning Chaniya Choli Designs For Navratri Festival


10 Stunning Chaniya Choli Designs For Navratri Festival

The auspicious Navratri begins today and there is a row of celebrations coming our way as the Puja Celebrations begin in most parts of the country! Garba celebrations have been quite popular in the whole country although the folk dance of Garba is a native of the Gujrati. Since a religious affair attracts people from all over the country, now it is celebrated in most Indian states and even abroad!

There are so many entertainment organizations of dance groups which organize these Garba events per year. And for a period of 9days there is an immense fun and frolic everywhere around!

Well, even if you are not a Gujrati ( Gujju) you cannot ignore the festive celebrations in any way. You willingly take part in such a happy event!

The Garba celebrations have a traditional get up of Chaniya Choli for women and every year there are lots of design ranges available just before the Navratri begins!

Here I have some top ten chaniya choli designs to show you all! Have a look at these and you can take ideas to pick up some similar chaniya choli’s for the celebration!

Colorful Chaniya Choli-

There is a lot of variation in designs of chaniya cholis every year and based on the interests, girls pick up what suits their choices the best!

stunning chaniya choli ideas

Unique Chaniya Choli-

Well, it is not that a chaniya choli has to be always a mix of colors! This one is a lovely design with a kurti choli and has two stunning colors to make you look unique in the Garba celebrations!

stunning chaniya choli design dress

Leheriya Chunri chaniya choli-

A beautiful combination of leheriya chunri with a lovely and unique mix of minimal shades also makes you look apart!

stunning chaniya choli design

Designer Chaniya Choli-

An intricate embellished choli with a simple embellished duppatta is great to grace the Garba celebrations and manage to look awesome!

stunning chaniya choli designer dress

Celebrity Chaniya Choli-

A lot of girls are too inspired with the chaniya choli designs which are worn by their favorite celebrities and this is one such pretty design to opt for this Navratri! 🙂

stunning chaniya choli designs modern

Color Coded Chaniya Choli-

A lot of girls prefer to choose those chaniya choli designs which are a mix of traditional and modern designs! And this design is surely one fit dress for the colorful Navratri celebrations!

stunning chaniya choli dress

Green Traditional Chaniya Choli-

This mirror work embroidered chaniya choli is an obvious choice for most girls as the Garba Celebrations becomes even more interesting when you are dressed just right for the event!

stunning chaniya choli outfits

Festive traditional Chaniya Choli-

These mirror work in the dress add a glam to the outfit and for a colorful and bling celebration like Garba, this seems to be a great choice!

stunning ethnic chaniya choli designs

Traditional Multi-color Chaniya Choli-

Another cult favorite design which most girls choose for Navratri Garba Celebrations is the multi-colored traditional mirror work chaniya choli! The embellishments and embroidery all are just perfect for the Garba celebrations!

stunning traditional chaniya choli outfit

Net-patterned Chaniya Choli-

Another chaniya choli gaining huge popularity is the one with net fabric patterns in the dupatta or the ghaghra!

stunning traditional chaniya choli designs

So, these were some of my picks for the Garba Celebrations!

Which one out of these do you like the most?

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