10 Stunning Graphic Eyeliner Looks You Should Know


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Summer is here and it is time to experiment with our eyeliners. In winters, when we do different looks with eyeshadows, liners take a backseat but when it is summer, it is the time to go crazy on some simple yet stylish eye makeup! And this post is dedicated to all eyeliner freaks. We will tell you about Top 10 Trending Graphic Eyeliner Designs that will make you drool. Don’t forget to check the detailed Eyeliner Hacks video at the end.

Cut-crease eye makeup



Top 10 Graphic Eyeliner Designs:

graphic eyeliner 2

This is one of the most simple graphic eyeliner design where you just have to draw a winged liner and then make a small triangle over it. If you want you can also fill the triangle, but I like to keep it like this.

This is the typical example of intense graphic eyeliner. Just a draw a very sharp and long wing. And draw two parallel lines to that wing. Simple to do but very outrageous impact!

Do you want to steal all the attention? This can help you in that. Draw a wing at first and then draw a line connecting the wing through the crease line to the outer end of the brow. Then draw a line connecting that point to the other end of the brow. And if you want it vampy. pair this liner with a bold lip shade!

Blue is in! Be it is mascara or graphic eyeliner, the colour blue simply steals the show! You will have to draw a sharp wing both on the upper and lower lash line and join it together.


graphic eyeliner6

Who said eyeliners are for eyes only?  😛 Just draw a normal eyeliner at first and then draw a major wing that will go up to your hairline. After finishing this, draw a major wing at the tear duct area and join the two wings at the nose. Umm! I think I could make it clear!  😀


graphic eyeliner 4

This is a cut crease eyeliner look that looks so elegant yet so stunning. Just do your cut crease eyeshadow look and then draw the liner in accordance with the lines. This will make the eyeshadow colour pop out and your lines stand out.

graphic eyeliner 3

If you are a fan of shady and smoky looks, this style is for you. You can make this style using your kohl, eyeliner or even your matte black eyeshadow. This eyeliner style is so vampy and an absolute fall wear. But if you love to experiment, you can do this is summer too!



Bubble eyeliner looks so feminine yet so bold. This eyeliner look can be done by simply creating a wing at first and then making small semi-circles on them. This will help to make the bubbles look better and more prominent when you close your eyes. Looks best with a black eyeliner.


Who said pink is just a girly colour? Want bold eyes with pink? Here it is! This graphic eyeliner design in pink is sure shot an attention grabber and will be great for the geometric patterns. Love how it looks with pink-y nude lips!


Do you feel your lower lashes are too small and applying mascara is a tough job! Be calm and draw them. 😛   Try this graphic liner out. You can draw this in just 3 simple steps! Just draw a simple winged liner close to your upper lash line, draw a line on the crease area and then make short strokes at the under eye area. Make sure to conceal the area perfectly before opting for this!

graphic eyeliner

You can also check out the video on Eyeliner Hacks



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