10 Stunning Independence Day Nail Art Designs


10 Stunning Independence Day Nail Art Designs

Hello pretty ladies!

How is everyone doing? Our 69th independence day is just about round the corner have you started your preparations yet? You may ask what kind of prep work? Come on, 15th august gives us one chance to lose all our inhibitions and show off our patriotic side.

The easiest way to showcase your patriotism without going overboard with your sense of nationality is wearing your patriotism on your nails. Yes, you are heard me right. Here are the most stunning independence day themed nail art designs for you to devour in!

Tri-colored Ombre

nail art+indian independence day nail art

Ombre nails do not need any introduction and this gorgeous tri-colored, Indian flag inspired nail art design is definitely a worth try. Amp up your ombre nail art technique using a makeup sponge or wedge. And your ombre nails are all set for grabs!

independence day+indian flag nail art

Floral Patriotism

Independence day nails do not typically have to have all sense of patriotism screaming out at its level best. Just a subtle hint of your tri-colored flag in this cute green-saffron-white floral print nail art is utterly gorgeous and patriotic!

Floral patriotism

The Graphical Indianness

A chic and modern take on the typical independence day inspired nail art design is this rocker-chic. But subtly feminine graphical print tri-colored design which will adorn your nails like none other patter will!

 independence day+indian flag nail art+indian flag

The Slanted Ombre With Tri-Colored Dots

Ok, so the picture may seem like a very regular slanted tri-colored ombre, but the catch here is my little personalization. Having done a sleek slanted tri-colored ombre nail art, take your basic nail dotting tool and create complementary colored dots on each of the ombre section. As in, saffron dots on green section and green dots on orange sections!

Dotted Tri Color Nails

Just paint your nails in a green or saffron hue and use a dotting tool to create tri-colored dots on one or all of your nails!

Horizontal Flag

One can never go wrong with a traditional Indian flag inspired nail art! You may need a little stability of the hand s to create this typically patriotic nail art but the effort put in is well worth it!

independence day + nail art

French Manicure

Who knew French manicure could be patriotic too? A relatively out-of-the-box take on your regular French manicure is this Indian-flag inspo French manicured tips on your nails. You can also add a white base to if you can! any one of your nails and write out your feelings for your country on it only it.

Stamped Patriotism

There are ample of stamping tools and nail polishes available in the market today. If you can find some tools which share your sense of pride in the country, get them and start stamping your nails to the utmost finesse! The trendiest take on independence day nail art!

Simple Tri Color Nails

Tri-colored ombre

If you would have been wanting to see something more simple, but at the same time utterly apt for the upcoming days of patriotism! So here you go beautiful, just paint your nails strategically in the colors of our flag and let the patriotism seep in!

The vertical Flagged Inspo

indian independence day nail art

An easier take on drawing the Indian flag on your gorgeous nails is by using scotch tape on the centre of your nail and to paint the nail in green and orange on either sides of the taped nail. Remove the tape once the nail paint has dried and you may or may not add the blue chakra in the midst of the flag! Done!

Which of these stunning independence day nail art designs will you try?

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