10 Stunning Karvachauth Mehendi Designs For This Year



10 Stunning Karvachauth Mehendi Designs For This Year

Karvachauth is the most important festival for married women in India. If the traditions are to be believed it is considered that women fast on this day for the well being of their husbands. There is also one more believe behind this festival and it is that the women fast because they want their husband in each birth.

When we talk about important festivals or auspicious occasions, Mehendi cannot be ignored, since it is a ritual to apply Mehendi on hands on such occasion and it is specifically mandatory for the festival of Karvachauth. Though India is a land of diversity and as we pass from state to state customs and traditions keep varying, but one thing that does not change is Mehendi.

Ladies in India are always eager upon getting the best design of Mehendi on their hands. There are many types of Mehendi like the red and black, shaded, stones Mehendi and some mixed versions.

Which design to choose is the question of the hour?

To help you all in this bit, today I shall present before you some very pretty mehendi designs specifically for the festival of karvachauth:

Intricate Rajasthani Mehendi


Itricate Rajasthani Mehandi


There cannot be a better start of this list. Rajasthani Mehendi designs are worldwide famous, specifically because of their level of complexity. I take so much of pride being in a rajasthani myself and witness such gorgeous designs every now and then. The basic Rajasthani Mehendi designs have intricate patterns and designs of the hands should replicate each other i.e., they should be similar. Bringing out similar pattern on both the hands makes Rajasthani Mehendi patterns unique and complex.

Dark Arabic Mehendi


Dark arabic Mehandi design


Arabic designs are equally popular just as Rajasthani Mehendi designs and make for a perfect choice for the day of karvachauth. Well I personally like dark Mehendi s more and this design is a perfect blend of arabic design and thick Mehendi.

Elegant Leaves


Elegant leafs


Confused about what style to go for? Arabic pattern or a full palm pattern??

Well this design solves your problem and brings you a design which is a combo of both. Elegant leaves all over the palm do not give a impression of a full palm and at the same time are not as light as an Arabic design.

Peacock On Palms


Peacock inspired


This is another very intricate Mehendi design with peacocks as the main idea. This is quite common but is always in trend. This type of peacock designs is a perfect example for things which are old yet have their craze alive.

Glitter Mehendi


glitter mehandi


It will be completely justified if I say this design as “Add some Color” design, they are lively and full of colors. These types of designs imply use of various colored glitters in Mehendi patterns, you can choose between how much glitter and how many colors you want in your Mehendi. Glitter Mehendi gives all the new look to your palms ditching the regular Mehendi types and designs.

Stone Studded Mehendi


stone mehandi


So far this is the most expensive type of Mehendi pattern but yes every penny spent is worth after all the end results are so adorable. I bet that the stone studded Mehendi design cannot ever leave your hand without any compliment and attention. With all the compliments that you receive, your karvachauth festival will be more memorable.

Shaded Design




This is most loved pattern by ladies who do not want to spend more but yet want a change from the regular Mehendi designs. Shaded Mehendi gives an impression of dual shades after the Mehendi design has dried and looks very beautiful.

Intricate Arabic Design


intricate design


It is not only Rajasthani Mehendi designs that have got intricate patterns but Arabic Mehendi designs too can have a touch of intricacy in them. I love this design. It is not as complex as it seems but still manages to attract gaze of people around you for the kind of unique intricacy and Arabic combination.

Traditional Thick Design


Traditional Thick Design


Yes you read it right? The traditional thick Mehendi designs make it to our list. They are traditional but still the charisma these designs have is undeniable. These are your safe bets for the time when you are not sure what design you should pick for karvacahuth.

Simple Arabic Design


Arabic Simple


So you are someone who is not very fond of those heavy designs, and still want to have gorgeous looking palms on karvachauth!!! We have a design which is solely for you. This simple Arabic design is simple, gorgeous and totally fits in your choice. This design does not require any expertise, so when you do not have a Mehendi artist around, you can try it yourself.

Well these were some gorgeous Mehendi designs for the Karvachauth this year.

I really want to try the stone studded pattern since this is my first karvachauth and I want some special memories associated with it. But I am not aware of any such Mehendi artist that offers stone studded designs in Jaipur 🙁

What design will you choose for this karvachauth?

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  1. Mehendi lagaoge tum sab sajnaa ke naam ki 😀
    Aur mai khaungi yummy khana 😛 Teasing everyone in advance 😉
    BTW My favs are the second one and the intricate arabic 🙂

  2. am glad that u guys liked it… i got mehandi done on my hands almost till elbow and small arabic pattern in my feet

  3. am glad that u guys liked it… i got mehandi done on my hands almost till elbow and small arabic pattern for my feet


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