10 Stunning Lipstick Shades Of Alia Bhatt


10 Stunning Lipstick Shades Of Alia Bhatt

Lipsticks are one of the most glamorous cosmetic items in makeup as a single product can re-invent your whole look just with a punch of right color on your lips.

Well, we are often obsessed by our favorite stars as to what lip shades they wore on a special occasion or movie and secretly wish to achieve a similar kind of look. Well, today I will be talking about a recent entrant in the tinsel town and who is already ruling millions of teen hearts with her innocent looks and the way she carries her makeup flawlessly.

So , lets get started with some of the best looks of Alia Bhatt and try to have a close match to the lips shade she is wearing in her 10 famous looks.

Look 1

This is surely not from any movie and I liked this one so I am putting it in the list. She looks naturally pretty here and with just a dash of kohl on the waterline and a bold color on her lips, she is looking awesome! The shade is not a red but a deep wine shade which is bright. I think Maybelline Superstay Lipstick in Enduring Ruby would come out same as the lip shade she is wearing here!

lipstick suggestions for alia 1

Look 2

Alia teamed up her blue jumpsuit outfit with hot pink lips during her movie promotions and she really carries herself brilliantly in this. I think the shade NYX Cosmetics Beauty Queen will be a closer match to her lip shade in this look.

lipstick suggestions for alia 2

Look 3

Who can forget the smoky and sensuous look of her in “Saturday Saturday” and there s quite a debate that this is one single shade from any brand but well, this can be easily achieved with two lip shades that is MAC About Town & MAC Rebel.

lipstick suggestions for alia  3

Look 4

Alia looks cute an innocent in this pink with a fresh coral shade of color on her lips. The shade Colorbar Creme Touch Nude Coral shade will be a close match to her lip shade.

You can buy Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick from Flipkart.com here

lipstick suggestions for alia  4

Look 5-

This look is very fresh with just a tangy pop of color on her lips and all the other features are left best to be subtle. The shade Lakme 9-to-5 in Vermillion Fired will match to this lip color.

lipstick suggestions for alia 5

Look 6-

Heavy kohled eyes in blued shade and a subtle pink shade of color on the lips makes her look really beautiful in this look from her latest movie. I n my opinion, Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 10 would be closer to her lip color.

lipstick suggestions for alia  6

Look 7

Another promotional event where Alia looked as beautiful as ever with a muted pink lipstick which was not too bold nor very light. The shade that will go well with this look can be MAC Crosswires.

lipstick suggestions for alia  7

Look 8

Another talk show where she appeared with a subtle makeup and fresh hint of color on her lips and the shade I would suggest for this look is Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick in Passionate.

lipstick suggestions for alia 8

Look 9

This is another classy look of Alia for a photo shoot and she looks really classy here with a bold and muted deep red color on her lips. The shade I would suggest here is MAC Ruby Woo undoubtedly!

lipstick suggestions for alia 9

Look 10

Alia look really simple and a girl next door here in this look and the shade suggestion for this lipstick is probably MAC Lipstick in Twig & MAC Craving

lipstick suggestion for alia 10

Well, these were few lipstick suggestions for Alia Bhatt’s stunning looks. I hope you like each one of these. Also tell me which look you like best on her! 🙂

Have you tried these lipsticks before?

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