10 Stunning Mehndi Designs For Rakshabandhan


10 Stunning Mehndi Designs For Rakshabandhan

Hey Everyone! So the auspicious month of Shraavan is startin from tomorrow and a lot of festive occasions are just about to come! Well, as it is believed this weather brings a huge relief from the hot & humid season and brings us closer to the winter months! Since Women usually apply mehndi all through this auspicious month and Rakshabandhan is also there I was searching for a few good designs for myself to apply! Although I don’t tie Raakhi to anyone but my sister in law ties me the Lumba Raakhi so yes I am really excited about it! πŸ™‚

So here, I have some beautiful mehndi designs which I really loved and have saved them all in my gallery for the Raakhi day preparation! Have a look at these designs and see if you too can try any of these designs for yourself!

Simple Floral Design

if you love such designs with a lot of spaces in it, this is something you would like to apply and the after color with come out really beautiful on your hands!You can easily apply it in few minutes and get free sooner than ever with a beautiful henna design!

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beautiful flower mehndi design rakshabandhan

Beautiful Circular Mehndi Design

Some girls love to apply mehndi more on the back of their hands than the palm. Usually many of us just apply a simple design in the palm andΒ  opt for a beautiful design at the back of hand because that shows everywhere in pictures and looks amazing!

beautiful mehendi design for rakhi

Beautiful Round Buti Design

If you love these festivals and area sucker of traditional designs like this, I feel you Bruh! πŸ™‚ Because I am too a fan of traditional mehndi designs for every occasion! This design below is a perfect one with spaces and round butis making a perfect design on your palm!

beautiful mehendi for rakshabandhan

Arabic Flower Design for Girls

I love the Arabic designs too especially the shading in the flowers which is like “must do it” type of mehndi design! You can choose this palm design for the beautiful flowers & curling tendrils which look really pretty when the henna goes red! πŸ™‚

beautiful rakshabandhan design

Simple Spaced out Mehndi Design

For those who love the hollows in between the mehndi designs, this one is something you can get it done this time on the occasion of Rakshabandhan!

intrctae rakshabandhan mehndi design

Beautiful Floral Overlap Design

Well, this one just got me like “I am getting it done for sure!” There are so many occasions in this month I can interchangeably get few of these! πŸ˜‰

mehndi design rakshabandhan

Intricate Detailed Mehndi Design

Well, this one is for those women who love the beautifully detailed designs which are drawn to perfection without any chance of error! Bookmark this one for later as well! πŸ™‚

mehndi design simple rakshabandhan

Beautiful One Side Peacock Design

This one seems just perfect for both the sides of your hands. It can be easily applied without spending much time! It looks really beautiful when the color comes out after few hours of removing it!

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simple rakhsabandhan mehndi design

All Time Favorite Daffodil Design

This flower is really popular in mehndi designs and so this particular design really caught my eye. I am planning to get it done for maybe Teej festival!

stunning simple mehendi design rakshabandhan

Detailed Mehndi design without spaces!

Last but not the least, this design is particularly famous for all the new brides or would be brides. It is great to have such detailed mehndi design applied on the hands and make the occasion even more special! πŸ™‚

traditional design for rakshabandhan

Well, this was all I had. I hope you find these designs beautiful enough to make your rakshabandhan special Do share your favorite designs or patterns! πŸ™‚


  1. Mujhy last wali mehndi acchi lagi, waise to sabhi design pyaarey hain per meri choice pura bhara hua design hain


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