10 Stunning Mehndi Stickers You Must Check Out


10 Stunning Mehndi Stickers You Must Check Out

Mehndi, or as people all across the globe know it henna, is both auspicious for us Indians and an eye-candy. No wedding, or religious festivals are complete without the women adorning their hands with intricately designed patterns crafted from the mehndi cone. Which of course, turns out stunning, but at the same time is a lot time consuming. Not that I mind, but some women these days just do not have the time to wait for so darn long. Just to let the henna dry, and for all those post-removal totke that we do. ­čśë

So for you busy women, or just those who are in the lookout for some experimentation, we have curated a list of 10 astounding henna sticker designs for you to try.

We all want blackest of the black mehndi to show off the intensity of our soul mate’s and his mother’s adoration towards us. Don’t we? But just for once, let us break away these stereotypes and indulge in this beautifully created henna sticker with a purple base and golden highlights. Royal colors, a few deliberately placed jewels, specks of green, silver and golden shimmers the perfect recipe for a hint of royalty right at your finger tips.

glittery mehndi sticker

Peacocks and henna they are kind of inseparable. What fun is henna without the incorporation of a stunning peacock motif? This boldly sculpted henna tattoo is the perfect bet for those with an out-going yet Indian-at-heart women, who are not afraid to accept the bold challenges of life come, what, may!

peacock motif henna sticker

Those with their hearts over-flowing towards their femininity are sure to fall in love with this delicately designed peacock in a vine pattern. Use this tattoo on the nape of your neck, and see heads turn without having to scream WILD to the world. Try it!

peacock vine pattern henna sticker

Leaves & Tendrils

Budding shoots, blossoming flowers, succulent leaves and dainty stems interwoven in a delicately crafted vine henna design! The most perfect design if you ask me traditional and oh-so-chic! Designs like these would look intrinsically beautiful when applied on the outer side of your foot.

interwoven buds flowers mehendi sticker

Paisley, or as we know it in India ambi (mango) designs are one of the cult-favorites when it comes to applying henna in a culturally-rich way. And if you have never tried any such patterns, what better way to indulge than a temporary sticker?

henna stickers Paisley designs

Bird Henna

Bird-inspired henna stickers are something to die for after all they depict how we Indians have been connected to Mother Nature, flora and fauna since centuries innumerable. And why not carry our pride, stuck onto our hands, feet, neck, shoulders or navel in the form of these individual bird motifs.

Bird-inspired henna stickers

There was just something about this out-of-the box golden based henna sticker that screamed boho-chic to me. I mean, just look at this elaborate pattern glistening with gold, encompassed with such rich hues of blues and navy. Aesthetic!

golden based henna sticker

Golden Stickers

Goldens are something, without which indianness┬Ł, at least to me, is sort of incomplete. And this gorgeously woven henna sticker just stole my heart at the very first glance. I agree it is not one of the most unique patterns out there. But it is golden, it is jeweled and it is glam. Such idealness!

henna sticker golden color

Maroon and golden reminds me of everything a typical, ethnic Indian bride would wear on her d-day. Color schemes like these call for uniqueness infused with a hint of culture. And really, how wouldn’t want that?

Maroon and golden mehendi sticker

White tribal tattoos are something I haven’t tried as of yet, but looking at my now-tanned skin, I think I should reap effects of my tan and use these white henna stickers on my hands, or as this one is, on my feet. Tan or dusky skinned beauties take pride in your skin and let the pale girls miss upon this charming white-henna sticker.

tribal tattoos sticker

Which henna sticker did you like the most?

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