10 Sunscreens with SPF 30


10 Sunscreens with SPF 30


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It is getting hotter and sun God is showing no mercy. Thankfully, Jaipur is seeing some storms and even hailstorms so it is not that unbearable even in May. I’m a huge fan of sunscreens and never skip them when I go out. At home, I never apply it but some day creams have SPF. My current fav day and night cream is pure Aloe Vera gel. I’m literally living on it these days. I either scoop out some fresh aloe gel or use the readymade ones.

But this post about is about SPF 30. A sunscreen is a must when you are under the sun. SPF 30 is fairly good if you keep reapplying every 90 minutes. Here are 10 sunscreens/blocks with SPF 30-

Nivea Sun Protection SPF 30 & PA++

Price- INR 299.You may get it here.


sunscreen spf 30 india

It has a consistency of a thick lotion which is non-sticky and doesn’t leave any whitish cast. It does leave a dewy feel which gets absorbed by the skin quickly. It suits oily skin well. As it has moisturizing effect, it can be used by dry skin beauties also plus it’s unisex. it serves well as a sunscreen and there’s no need to wait for 30 mins for going out in the sun after applying it. So if you have to get ready in a short period of time, then this is for you. It is water resistant.

Aroma Magic Sunblock Lotion with SPF 30

Price- INR 290.You may get it here.


sunblock with spf 30

The texture of the product is slightly whipped. It applies easily, is easily absorbed and does not leave face shiny. Instead, it does tend to tamp down the oiliness of skin and gives a matte-look for a couple of hours. It does prevent from tanning and does it job for a good period of time. The fragrance of the product is quite appealing. It is very soothing and gentle.

Lakme Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF30 PA +

Price- INR 179.You may get it here.


best sunscreen india

The sunscreen is white and is very light in consistency. Not too runny but not thick and goopy either. This formula doesn’t clog pores and lets skin breathe without turning it oily. It has a citrus scent which is quite pleasant. This gets absorbed really quick and protects skin from tanning and sunburns. It lasts for 3-4 hours.

Skin Miracle Bio Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Price- INR 670


spf 30 sunscreen india

Product comes in a transparent pump bottle with a metallic silver sturdy lid.It’s a travel friendly mess free product. It’s a medium consistency sunscreen which is light weight and blends within a minute.It blends really well and gives a matte look and there is no white cast.Tint in the sunscreen gives sheer coverage It makes face look nice and fresh and stays for four hours easily albeit it is advised to use it every two hour. Skin doesn’t feel oily , heavy or greasy after using it and neither does it give any shiny appearance to face.

Olay Natural White UV Blocker SPF 30

price- INR 299.You may get it here.


sunscreen with spf 30

It comes in a sturdy plastic small pump bottle. Product doesn’t feel greasy at all and keeps skin moisturized all day long.One needs a pea size of the product and it glides into the skin within seconds. You don’t need any moisturizer with it and the effect of the moisturizer lasts for 6-7 hours easily.No greasy or oily feeling just SPF protection and healthy moisturization.

Cheryl’s DermaShade SPF 30 Ultra Protectio

Price- INR 500


sunscreens with spf 30

The ingredients are quite impressive. Along with zinc oxide and micronized titanium dioxide, it contains vitamin C, noni fruit extract, tomato fruit extract and pomegranate extract too. Their role in sun protection is also mentioned on the tube.Texture wise, it is quite light and runny; it is not thick. It will work well for oily skin too. You can skip the moisturiser part if you have oily skin. It spreads well but you have to blend well. It does give a good protection from the sun

Badger Lavender Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream

Price- $16


sunscreen spf 30

The product is a white thick cream. You need just a small quantity to cover large areas. It gives protection against UVA & UVB and prevents tanning and sunburns. It is a physical sunscreen and is organic & natural. The tube is sturdy and travel friendly.

Avon Solutions White Refined Sun Block SPF 30

Price- INR 379


sunblocks with spf 30

A very little amount of sun block is required for the whole face and neck. Its light and non runny water like consistency makes this blend like a dream without having to pull the skin apart. The finish it gives is dewy and healthy which suites all skin types from dry to oily. This may not be a good option for matte look but the glow it gives does not make the face look like an oil factory. Due to its watery base it does not break out the skin too. Coming to its job as a sun block, it works excellently as a sun block as even after a long day under the sun it does not let skin get tanned or sun burnt.

Lacto Calamine Sun Shield

price- INR 199.You may get it here.


best sunscreen spf 30

It has SPF 30 with PA++ and some great ingredients like Lemon extracts to keep oil in control and Vitamin E that helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation make it a good sun screen. It also has a pH value of 7.5. On application the cream goes on smoothly. The skin feels nice and smooth. Generally like any cream. It is not thin but slightly on the thicker side.The product has a nice smell and faintly smells of sandal wood. It is easy to apply.

Fab India Vitamin E sunscreen

Price- INR 225


spf 30 sunscreen

It is little heavy but not too much that it will irritate the skin.It has glycerin and vitamin E which fulfills the demand of a moisturizer. You do not need any kind of moisturizer when using it. Using this sunscreen protects effectively from sunburns. The sunscreen claims that it suppresses tanning. This cream goes well with liquid foundation and stick too. Glides easily on the skin.It has shea butter.

Which sunscreen do you use?

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  1. Wow brilliant compilation dear. I have tried the lakme one and it’s great…. the body shop vitamin c moisturiser with spf 30 is also good but very pricey 🙂


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