10 Table Manners And Etiquettes We Should Know


By Prerana Sharma,

Etiquette Table Manners

10 Table Manners And Etiquette

We all are so fond of having different delicacies at different restaurant, always eager to try out any new restaurant  opened near by, even on a date couples opt to spend hours in a restaurant, but with a casual attitude almost every where, how many of us are well aware of table manners?

Moreover, do you know why in an arranged Indian marriage, mom-dad sends a girl with her would be hubby to a restaurant? A man’s real behavior can  be observed well only when he is sitting in a restaurant, because while eating and drinking in a public place, people unknowingly reveal their real self! While eating out, many a times I have seen people doing so many funny and irritating things. So I thought of sharing what all I observed about human behavior in public place and what good table manners is.

What unpleasant behavior I saw people doing

1. Fights to get a seat without booking-

People tend to arrive at a restaurant at peak hours and then fight with manager if they don’t get a seat saying “don’t u know who am I”  “your management is bad” etc..etc..

It is his fault that he didn’t book a table, not the manager’s fault.

Lesson learnt: if u can not wait to be seated, better book your table in advance.

2. Booked a table, but arrived late

People reserves a table but arrives late thinking that ‘I won’t be having problem now’ but the restaurant have right to cancel and give away your table to someone else if he don’t arrive in time. Usually they start to argue with management for this but it is totally his fault because  he didn’t had the courtesy to inform the management that he will be late!!

Lesson learnt : don’t be late if u have a booking, if you know u will be late, inform the management.

3. Table booked for two, coming with 4 guests

Oh my god, this is sooo common! People come with extra guests and then ask for extra chairs! How can a small table for  two accommodate 4 chairs? Then they start to quarrel!

Lesson learnt : don’t invite embarrassment for yourself in front of your guests, be prepared before u go yaar!!

4. People eating out while suffering from a flu

I know the taste buds goes to coma when we catch a cold and we crave to eat something spicy&tasty, then do it home delivered na. It is so irritating when someone with a flu eats out and continuously keeps coughing & sneezing, yak..!!

Lesson learnt :Don’t eat out when u have caught a cold! Person sitting next to your table will not be able to have their meal if you are sneezing n coughing.

5. Women arriving with toddlers and not able to handle when the baby starts crying

It is very irritating when a couple sitting next to your table have a baby in their lap and the baby is continuously cry- uaa..uaa..uaa! it disturbs all other guests .

Lesson learnt : take a nanny with u so that she will handle the baby well when he starts crying. At the same time treat the nanny as if she is your family member, not as a servant! After all, respect is not status dependent…

6. Friends snatching from each other’s plate

Friends have a very casual attitude towards each other. Best friends share single plate at home, it may b ok in public place also fight over salad and last piece of tikka, or steal it from each other’s plate!

Lesson learnt : we may share single plate in home but in public place, better avoid stealing from each other’s plate, it is an eye sore to others.

7. Seeking attention of waiter by “suh suh”

It is the most awkward thing! I mean, he is also a human, people should give respect to him too.

Lesson learnt : “excuse me” is the well mannered way to seek attention / call waiter.

8. Sipping coffee in lunch hours and making hungry people to wait

It happened to me many times. After a long outing/shopping when we reach a restaurant for lunch, all seats are full and few of them sipping tea/coffee in peak hour and not leaving the seat even after 2hrs, don’t even realize that others are waiting to be fed!

Lesson learnt : good manners says, we should not keep our table engaged for too long time over  coffee when others are waiting in peak lunch/dinner hours, if you are dieing out to have coffee, go to café day not a restaurant…

9. Leaving the “chillers”/coins or give tip to waiters

It is so funny when people fight if Rs5/- balance is not returned after he pays his bill, I mean, he won’t become poor if he don’t get back 5/- balance back!

Lesson learnt : It is a good gesture to leave coins/small amount balance as a tip for the waiter. Who knows, he may remember u and u may get better service when u visit the restaurant next time…

Do you follow all these manners? Have u came across any funny/irritating thing done by people in restaurants?

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  1. Quite a funny post Prerna..

    few days back we went to a restaurant and there was this guy who was having dinner with his wife or gf may be..he was checking out all the girls except his wife..i found it weird but this still wont come in table manners or etiquette 😛


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