10 Tattoo Babes of Bollywood


10 Tattoo Babes of Bollywood


Tattooing is a way to express oneself. Getting a tattoo is painful so not many people want to get tattooed. But it seems that our Bollywood actresses are above these pains. More and more actresses are getting inked these days. These look pretty and gets the divas more eyeballs.

Bollywood tattoos are creative and you will find many different things. Take a look at some sirens with their tattoos-

Raveena Tandon


bollwood tattoos

The beautiful Raveena Tandon has two tattoos two her credit. One is on front side under neck and the other is on her back. The front one is a scorpion and the back tattoo has some words. If you know the words, do let us know.

Kangana Ranaut



actress tattoos bollywood

Kangana got her old, small tattoo enlarged and converted it into what she likes to call a ‘warrior angel’. It has a cross, wings, angel, crown, swords and rose buds.

Esha Deol


tattoos bollywood

She is an erstwhile actress now but her connection to the tinsel town can’t be denied. Esha has two tattoos on her back. One is an ‘Om’ and the other is gayatri mantra.

Celina Jaitley


actress tattoos

The actress who married the love of her life Peter Haag a few years ago, got his name tattooed on the ring finger of her left hand. Quite a painful way to get rid of the hassles of wearing a ring!

Sushmita Sen


tattoo babes of bollywood

She should be the tattoo-poster girl. Sushmita has 7 tattoos on her body. She has a tattoo of the word ‘temptation’ on her left arm with the inner ‘T’ shaped like a dagger. The one on her right wrist reads ‘soli deo glory’ which is Latin for ‘glory to God alone’. The one on her left wrist reads I AM, while the one on her left forearm is another Latin inscription of ‘aut viam inveniam aut faciam’ which means ‘I’ll either find a way or make one’. She also has a tiger cub engraved on her lower back. She has another tattoo on her wrist which means’ I am that I am’.

Deepika Padukone


bollywood actress tattoos

Very well known is her RK tattoo on the nape of her neck. Now the rumours are that she has got it removed because we have seen her neck-show in the new cold drink ad. But anyways the floral tattoo on Deepika‘s ankle is more beautiful and so feminine.

Priyanka Chopra


actress tattoo

Priyanka shows love for her father in her tattoo. Her tattoo says ‘ Daddy’s lil girl’. This cute tattoo is on the side of her right wrist.

Shruti Hassan


shruti hassan tattoo

Shruti has her own name tattooed on her back. I’d say that’s unique. Her name is inked in Tamil on the left side of her back.

Malaika Arora


pretty bollywood tattoos

The sultry Malaika has a pretty tattoo on her lower back. The tattoo reads ‘NGL’ which means ‘angel’. It is her own name as ‘Malaika’ means ‘angel’ in Swahili language.

Amrita Arora


tattoos actress

‘Love Saves the Day’ reads Amrita’s tattoo. Her tattoo is placed on her back and she was the one who got her tattoo first and then Malaika followed suit.

Do you have a tattoo on your skin?

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  1. celina’s idea behind the tattoo is really sumthing very dfrnt… !!!
    i wud never want my body to be inked !!

  2. The “WARRIOR ANGEL” is the best as it belongs to Kangana Ranaut ,the QUEEN of BOLLYWOOD…. THE BEST ACTRESS IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE


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