10 Tattoo Designs for Beginners


10 Tattoo Designs for Beginners


Get tattooed! No! Yes! No!

This is the dilemma of many girls. Most girls are in two minds when thinking of getting a tattoo. Beginners always worry about the pain and also the interested eyes.

No worries! I’ve brought some small tattoos that will give you less pain and will not attract a lot of attention.



tattoos for beginners

This tattoo is on the medical side ๐Ÿ˜› This is so unique and has a simple but powerful message. If you believe in enjoying life as it comes, it is for you.


beginner tattoo design

Seahorse anyone? It is cute and differen from the usual drawings. It is small so obviously you will have to bear pain for a lesser time.


beginner tattoo

This is for independent girls. The tiny bird is shown collecting twigs for nest. This tattoo signifies living life as you want and on your terms.


beginner tattoo designs

Another unique pattern. The compass looks nice. As per me it is great for travel-lovers though this compass will not guide you ๐Ÿ˜‰


tattoo design for beginners

Cutsie bows are always in. Get a tiny bow tattooed on your body for a feminine look. The placement of this tattoo is really nice.


tattoos design for beginners

This one is for fighters. It is simple enough for beginners and yet shows your never-say-die spirit. Go-getter! get this tattoo.


tattoo designs for beginners

If you want to show your tribal instincts in a toned down way then nothing can be better than a small tattoo in tribal pattern. You can find many beautiful tribal patterns for yourself.


tattoo designs for women

Now when the placements of ring is changing, you can get a tattoo made in the similar way. This tattoo is very simple. It is not an attention-grabber but still chic.


beginner tattoos

This pattern reminds me of the butterflies I used to draw as a kid. If you love delicate butterflies but elaborate patterns scare you then go for this simple butterfly symbol.


tattoo for beginners

Such tattoos are very common but still loved by many girls. The reason probably is a girl’s affinity for flowers. Floral patterns have no limits and you can get one-of-a-kind tattoo for you body.

Which one would you pick?

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