10 Tempting Braid Hair Styles


10 Tempting Braid Hair Styles

Braided hairstyles are never out of trends and we wish they never get out of trend. Indeed braided hairstyles are so chic, elegant and at the same time your savior for bad days. Braided hairstyles are the perfect way to cover up a bad hair day or just to mix things up and get a beautiful look out of it.

Today I shall show you 10 very beautiful braided hairstyles. Have a look here:

The Braided Bun


The Braided Bun


This is super cute and easy to do hairstyle. This hairstyle looks very beautiful on girls with bangs or fringes.

The Braided bun comes your way when you want to look prep up in a rush hour and will not take more than 10 to 15 minutes to get it done.

The Waterfall Braid


waterfall braid


Oh my my!!! Is it the same expression of yours after you see this hairstyle?

This curly waterfall braid is so apt for a romantic date. The gorgeous curls have so much of girly appeal. You can try this hairstyle with straight hair too and just in case you are reaching for those lovely curls, please ensure that you use a heat protectant spray.

Bohemian Braid


Bohemian braid


Bohemian style rules everywhere, isn’t it?

The bohemian braid looks perfect here and to get more perfection please apply pomade to hair to ensure the raid stays up for long and a touch of dry shampoo at the roots will give lift to the hairstyle.

Braided Updo


braided updo


I personally love braided updos and adore them even more when they are not very neat and have a bit of messy look.
This hairstyle does not demand for many efforts, just a few bobby pins and flexible – hold spray is all that a braided updo needs.

French – Regular Braid


french- regular braid


Ladies with superbly long hair may find it a hard to get French braids or fishtail braids, since this may take a lot of time and effort.
This hairstyle, a perfect blend of French braid and regular braid is ideal for those extra long hair and at the same time this wrap around French- regular braid makes every bit of your hairstyle look very pretty.

Zigzag Fishtail Braid


Zigzag Fishtail Braid


How about some Zigzag fun with your hairstyle?

This hairstyle is a bit advanced and needs to be expertise for the ultimate neat hairstyle. Practice takes you a long way and this so beautiful style can be aced by you.

Triple – Knotted Braid


twisted knot braid


How cool is this hairstyle!!! This is so easy and yet looks like a hairstyle that is hard to make. These three braids twisted upon each other looks very chic and I am sure gonna try it soon on my wavy hair, How about you girls?

Fishtail Updo


fishtail updo


This is such a unique idea, Fishtail Braid and Updo, how strange do they sound together!!!

But this strange combination sure is going to win your heart. This may look complicated but this not at all complicated, it is just two fishtail braids looped over together to make an updo, the ends pinned at the opposite side of head, just a spray of hold hair spray and Ta Da.. You are done!

Warrior Fishtail Braid


warrior fishtail braid


This rocker – warrior fishtail braid is so adorable to look at. I wish it was as simple as it looks, but this hairstyle requires just a little practice and you are good to flaunt the gorgeous Warrior Fishtail Braid.

Dutch Braided Chignon


Dutch braided chignon


This is a perfect elegant hair style that easily adds in flavor of glamour to your look.

So ladies these were some beautiful braided hairstyles, that you may try and grab compliments coming your way. And do not forget that these hairstyles may just come to your rescue when you have your Bad Hair Day.

Which is your favorite braid hair style?

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