10 Things A Make-Up Artist Should Have In His/Her Kit


10 Things A Make-Up Artist Should Have In His/Her Kit

Being a make-up artist, however wonderful a job it may sound, is not always very easy on the person involved. I mean, you are responsible for someone’s entire look for a special event, and that involves a lot of stress. Ruining your client’s mood, especially on a special occasion, say a marriage or better her own marriage; is definitely not a good idea. Apart from client reputation, it’s the client’s chance at happiness, which is at stake.

We agree, makeup is an art, and most probably you have acquired your credibility in the field, or even if you are a pro novice (okay, so that was a pretty little oxymoron :-P), you all, at certain times have felt the need for some guidance as to what are the pre-requisites of a professional make up kit.

Keep reading below.

Face and eye primer

We all know that for a flawless makeup, an artist needs a flawless base and a facial primer is THE product for achieving that canvas. A primer is one thing which an artist cannot ignore, absolutely never. What a primer basically does is help your makeup stay put for longer, and I am pretty sure that your clients can use those extra hours on their special days.

Same goes for an eye primer. Your eye shadow needs something to cling to, and what is better than something which will also keep your eye shadow from creasing?

Foundation, concealer and color corrector palette

15 Color Comouflage Concealer Pallete Review

Once the base is done, the next thing you need is a colored base to even put your client’s skin. And depending on your clientele, you can customize a palette with shades of foundations and concealers which complement their skin types. Make sure to get hold of at least 10 different hues, you can always mix a couple of shades to get the desired hue. Secondly, when it comes to color corrector, keep in mind the color wheel as well as the general skin type of the area you work in. Greens, oranges, lavenders are some of he must haves in a corrector palette. Pick wisely. You can always set all your base with a dusting of translucent powder, as and when required.

Lip palette and lip pencils

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When it comes to heavy Indian makeup, most women tend to opt for a smoldering hot, bold lip. Taking into consideration your area of work, chose a customized palette comprising of quite a few shades, ranging from nudes, soft pinks to more bold colors like oranges, berry and true reds and purples. And if a customer wants something unique, you can always whip up a new shade by mixing the existing ones. Other than that, I personally feel that a well defined lip needs a perfectly sharpened, yet smooth lip pencil. You can incorporate pencils in hues matching to the lip palette colors or go for nude pencils, depending on your style of putting up a great lip look.

Blush-bronzer palette and shimmers

A good makeup should add warmth and depth to the face. What a perfectly applied blush and bronzed look can do is add that much needed warm glow as well as subtly bring out your most prominent features in a good way. Keeping in mind your clientele’s skin type and the weather conditions in your city of work, chose an array of warm as well as cool toned blushes, ranging from sheer, frosty, shimmers to pure matte variations. I personally believe cream blushes to be the easiest to work with, not to forget the dewy finish they give. Plus, addition of a bit of subtle shimmer (no, not chunky glitter) would beautifully highlight the skin with minimal efforts.

Eye shadow palette, mascara, and eyeliner

Whether it is a smoking hot smokey eye, or a cult winger eyeliner; a well done eye makeup will undoubtedly be the star attraction on any face. Special occasions demand special makeup, which definitely includes well placed shadows and sharp or smudged (depending on preference) eye liner with loads of fluttery lashes.

These days lots of brands have come up with ready made eye shadow palettes, which can have 100, 150 or even more shades, all placed snugly in the comfort of a palette. Coming to eye liners, chose the ones which are long-staying and preferably water-proof, (marriage ceremonies generally see a lot of happy tears). Try collecting a few trendy shades in both, matte and shimmering finishes apart from the classic blacks, grays and browns. Same goes for mascaras. Though you can chose cheaper variants (trust me, they are equally good if the right applicators are used) make sure to chose water proof versions, and try to get hold on blues, purples and browns along with the cult black.

Makeup brushes, wedge sponges and tools

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A good set of makeup brushes can make all the difference in the way your makeup turns out to be. Put some thoughtful effort and make sure you have all the basic as well as specialized brushes in your kit. The other things that you need are wedges, sponges and other tools like tweezers, a small pair of rounded scissors, q-tips and an eyelash curler. If you can stock up on disposable mascara wands, lip brushes, shadow applicators and powder puffs; all the better. And you are pretty much covered in the makeup tools department.

Visine or red-eye drops

Long nights spent dreaming about the special days, often renders the client with sallow looking yellow or worse, red eyes. The best bet to treat those is a few drops of Visine or any eye drop meant to reduce the redness in those beautiful peepers. Trust us; no makeup looks good with a face having ill-looking eyes. These drops will help whiten the eyes, leading to a much brighter face overall.

Makeup setting spray or a facial mist

H2O Oasis Mist

All said and done, now that you are done with beautifying your client, you need to make sure that your efforts do not melt in just a couple of hours. For that you need to lock in the makeup using a good makeup setting spray. Even a facial mist would do, just make sure to use it judiciously.

Sanitizer and brush cleaner

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I am pretty sure that it is not just a single client you have to work with. So keeping in mind the hygiene of your products, applicators as well as your client’s skin (which she entrusts you with); make sure to sanitize all your brushes, makeup products as well as your hands before starting with the application process. Using a good brush cleaner, try and clean up your brushes off the residue as and when possible.

Makeup remover and wipes

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The last thing you want is for your makeup application to go astray, and forging the need for you to start over all again. But as luck would have it, chances are that there may be a shadow fall out, or your client does not like the final eye or lip look. in this case you need to keep a good makeup remover or remover wipes in order to clean up the mess.

This is pretty much it! My take on what a professional makeup kit should include.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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