10 Things Every 25 Year Old Must Have



By Tavleen

10 Things Every 25 Year Old Must Have

Being 25 is about being in a state where you sort out yourself and are sure about how you want your future to be. At 25 you have made career choice as well have an idea of your future.

Here are ten things which will tell you what you must have.


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A 5-Year Plan

The best way to try to get to where you want to be in five years is mapping out a plan to get there. Whether you are working, studying or making plans for your wedding, take out time and plan what opportunities you wish to take. Plan out a doable step by step course of actions and make efforts to realize them .Do not be rigid to your plans as life is full of expected surprises but make sure you know what you want and have a plan of doable desires.


Confidence is the key.It takes you far along.Every 25 year old must have developed confidence as by now you know yourself much better.You know your limits, your happiness and have a roadmap as to what you want your future, so having a developed confidence and belief in what you do would help you in your future goals




Professional Clothes

Yes girls , its not far away when you will be working or to say if you are already, find a professional style.You can incorporate professional skirts little jewellery that can make you apart from being overly professional and bring out your personality

Style & Statement

Every girl atleast by 25 yrs should be aware of her body type and wear dresses accordingly to flatter her body shape perfectly. A good style is the key to show who you are what is your personal style statement.

Everyday & Party Makeup

Everygirl who heads into mid twenties should atleast know how to do makeup that would enhance the natural facial features beautifully. She should be well aware of the makeup transition between a day and night makeup look.




Be comfortable with who you are

Atleast till 25 you should be comfortable with who you are and what your strongpoints and weeknesses are.This would help you to know yourself and develop confidence.

Atleast by 25 you should be able to pay for yourself, if not entirely but partly for hanging out with friends or shopping.You should be able to manage your money and be able to pay for most of your expenses.

A Few Meaningful Friends

You should have earned at least few true friends who will be by your side through thick and thin your whole life. These friends will support you as well as be a critique, so that you are sorted and who give you the right judgement.

Take A Solo Trip

Everyone who is 25 should have taken a solo trip where they get to relax and begin thier way to being independent, matured and fulfilling thier goals.

Learn To Wear Heels

Atleast by the age of 25 you should own a few pairs of heels and should know how to walk confidently in them.With practice you will know what kind of heels you like and prefer.Heels make you look confident, display good posture and along with that makes you look tall.


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Skincare Regime

By 25 you should have dealt with teenage skin issues.You should know your skin type and opt for only those products which are meant for your skin type. Also you should have a regular skincare regime as per the needs of your skin type. Having a healthy regime and good eating habits to have beautiful skin & hair.

We will keep making decisions throughout our lives, which will lead us to new destinations, take us to an interesting life journey, and also explore new places where we can meet new people and the world shifts again. What was going to happen can no longer happen and what will be happening later will slowly turn to what is meant to be. One decision unfolds many eventual life decisions on the path of life.

Turning 25 means you have learnt so many things over the years and now it is time to put these to use and learn many more along the way.

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