10 Things Only Bloggers Will Relate To


10 Things Only Bloggers Will Relate To

For those who love to use words to express themselves, blogging is an addiction. For us, words are the only source of wisdom, expression and learning. We often do not even realize the count of the words we have penned down while we were either too happy or may be too sad. We just take it as our vent to express almost everything. There is a difference between professional bloggers and the ones who write for pleasure.

If you are a blogger who takes blogging seriously, you would agree to the following facts more closely.


Nothing makes you happier when you get your first PR sample .You feel you have arrived

This is like the biggest happiness once you have begun blogging. It takes a lot of patience believe me, for a blogger to wait for the first PR. This really is like a novel feeling. Nothing else can make you happier than this. You feel like a renowned name suddenly from one of the thousand bloggers around.


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First $100 AdSense cheque gives you a high which I believe even drugs won’t be able to give

Once you monetize your blog, you know that you would get money. But the day you receive your first cheque, it is an amazing feeling. You feel so good about it that you just cannot stop dreaming about spending it already. Even a small amount makes you ponder over the world of your fantasies as if you are drugged! 😛


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There comes a time when you have no interest left in PR samples as you realise most of them don’t even suit you.

After a while, blogging becomes a routine for you and PR samples are just another mail that you receive. It does not excite you or make you feel good about as most of them are not really about you or your style of writing.

If you are a tech blogger you will be roaming around with at least 3-4 gadgets and probably you might not be happy with even one of them 😀


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PRs wants free publicity and are always short on budget

PRs are always after you once you are an established blogger. They want you to be for them which is like the paradox, while is started with them being important for you. They are always short on budget and would really not bother about your need of the hour or your want to be exhibiting your work.

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You are always  asking for more followers

Drugged feeling stays with you forever as you are always in more greed for followers. More the merrier is the law you follow and it stays as it is.

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Your family members are always irritated by you for snap chatting or instagraming or facebooking every damn thing.


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Since you are always busy on your phone or laptop, you barely get a chance to spend time with your family. Rather you feel like typing it off to them as well 😛

There is no Sunday as mostly Sundays are spent shooting, planning , editing, uploading and editing and publishing

Once you are blogger or a freelancing professional, you are not even allowed to have a Sunday again. You would be tied up with important tasks for the day.


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You end up spending much more than you earn.

The biggest drawback is since you keep on fetching money from your clients in and out during the month, you have no clue about your savings. You earn and you spend, leading to the birth of a spendthrift in you.

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You are never satisfied with your earnings and always looking for more 😀

This one is a repercussion of the above. Since you spend what you earn, you are never satisfied with your earnings. Your craving does not end and it goes on like a vicious circle. Phew!


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  1. LOL. I could relate to everything except the Adsense…Google has still not approved my Adsense application and I simply can’t figure out why 🙁

  2. Anamika that is so true.I can relate yo each and every point.I started blogging last year as a hobby and early this year I became serious about it.Blogging is just a passion for me but who doesn’t like if their passion gets them some money.I loved this post.My mom is after my life because I am always on my fone.Love ypu Anamika for this post.

  3. Thanks Yamini..Hope you do well in it and gets tonnes of followers 🙂

    By the way! if you commercialised any passion it always becomes a job..For instance if a writer writes his first book and if its do well..then as a reader our expectation increases and writers passion is then burdened with expectations, insecurity and many other things ..


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