10 Things To Checkout In Home And Baby Care Section In Westside Store + Video


10 Things To Checkout In Home And Baby Care Section

Hello, peeps! Going to a Westside store is always fun. You can shop for stuff at really low prices and there is something for everyone you love. Whether you are a girl, boy, mommy or even a normal window shopper who loves to shop at minimum ranges, you can find your deal at the store. And not to mention their own line of makeup products! But this post is sadly not about makeup. It is something which all mommies love.

westside store

 With Mother’s Day just waving us goodbye, we at Wiseshe went to this store to look at the Home and Baby Care section and we found really cool stuff there. Check them out!

About Westside:

Westside is an all-purpose departmental store by TATA Groups where there is something for everyone. This store began its journey when this group acquired the Littlewoods – a London-based retail chain in 1998. Westside has a wide variety of stylised clothes, footwear and accessories for men, women and children to well-co-coordinated table linens, artefacts, home accessories and furnishings which are both designer and affordable at the same time. In India, there are 82 stores of this brand spread across 48 cities. Whoa!

westside store

There are loads of things to buy at Westside and I feel everything is so amazing there that it is really difficult to choose Top 10 but I did my best. Hope you will find your favourite too here!


One of the first things that you will notice (and even I did) were the bamboo serving plates and wooden measuring spoons. This sounded so interesting and trust me, they looked amazing too! Crockeries here are simply out of this world both in terms of price and quality and I bet you just can’t enough of it.

westside store crockeries

The kitchen containers

For a home decor junkie like me, seeing all those unbreakable containers that had names on it like Detergent and Sugar was so mind blowing. I always want my things to be pretty and organized and this will surely keep the kitchen so. You can simply store things as per the name and I am sure you won’t have any doubts between powdered sugar and salt (I sometimes do!:-P )

The glass storage

Another thing which is loved by one and all is glass storages. You can have an array of glass storages at the store and there is a thing for every purpose – cakes, butter and even oil.

The dinner table

Another thing that made me drool over it is the dining table. Though I admit, it is pretty difficult to maintain a household table like that still it looks pretty awesome.

Storage bags

One of the prime important things that we all need in our daily life is storage space and Westside has a wide variety of storage bags to fulfil all your needs. There is an over the door shoe rack, travelling cosmetic bag, washing bag and some iron bags as well.

Sofa Sets and Cushions

Like your vanity is incomplete without makeup, your living area is incomplete without a sofa set and if you some to Westside, I am sure you will order some sofa set or at least some cushions. The furniture is so damn good that it is hard to keep your eyes away from it. And the cushions, both affordable and are so so in-style. Loved them to bits!

Those 60s watches

Anything vintage and I am up for it. The same feeling I get when I see the vintage watches at Westside. They give that old school feeling which I totally love and they add a charm to your home which you will love too.

Boys shoes

Though boys shoes and stuff rarely interests anyone but nowadays even those are like so beautiful and there is a lot of variety to them which definitely you will love. And if you are a mother of a baby boy, you must try your hands at the shoe collection at Westside.

Girls shoes

Now, this is a part which is like beyond beautiful. There were so much to see and explore here. Every pair of shoes was so cute that anyone will literally buy them for no specific reasons.

Little girls clothing

And this is the part why being a girl is the best, you get to wear so many varieties of clothes and all mommies love shopping too. There were a huge stock of little girl’s clothes and you can literally buy them all if you have your little one at home. They will love it to bits!

And that’s all. I hope you will like my favourites and do share which one you loved the most. 🙂

Until then, take care!

You can watch the whole video here:



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