10 Things To Remember While Buying Liquid Lipstick


Holla lippies lovers!


Lipstick is never out of fashion and different seasons of the year demand different colours on your lips. Also nowadays the old bullet lipsticks have made some new places for some other babies – liquid lipsticks, mousse, lip creams, chubby sticks and so on! And every form of lipstick has its own set of loyal followers which demands more and more colours. So today this post is about Liquid lipstick lovers and what should they keep in mind while buying Liquid lipsticks. So scroll down!


Do you have dry lips?

lip scrub

Before buying any liquid lipstick ask yourself do you have dry lips? If your answer is yes, then always remember to exfoliate your lips before applying one. If you don’t do that your lip dryness will be accentuated when you apply any sort of liquid lipstick, no matter which brand it is!

Texture and formulation:

Texture and formulation are another two points you should keep in mind before buying a liquid lipstick. If you have dry lips, go for the cream or mousse formula while if your have normal lips, you can opt for any. But always avoid lipsticks that are too matte as they can be really drying on the lips.

Staying power:

When you put on a lipstick at morning, you really need a lippie that lasts for a good time on your lips. Who likes to reapply lipsticks every now and then? Though most of the liquid lipsticks are long-lasting, make sure you double check the lasting power before buying one!

It is drying:


liquid lipstick 432 lipswatch


No matter which brand you invest in, liquid lipsticks are drying! They dry your lips because of their fast drying formula and so a lip balm is ever essential when you opt for a liquid lipstick. Always carry along a lip balm and moisturise your lips as required.

Apply one coat of lipstick:

When you apply liquid lipstick, make sure to apply it one coat only. Don’t layer it up too much otherwise, it will look very artificial and drawn.

Apply a lip liner:

liquid lipstick base-black lipstick look

Though liquid lipsticks tend to be matte, it is always advisable to apply a lip liner before applying a liquid lipstick. You surely don’t want a bleeding lipstick on your lips, right? Lip liners help to keep the lipstick in place and make it long lasting.


Look before you buy!

Have a look in the mirror before buying any lipstick for yourself! You don’t want to buy any colour or formula that doesn’t go with your looks.

According to skin complexion:

Whenever you go for a liquid lipstick or any lipstick, always look for shades that suit your skin type. For example, if you want a nude colour for your skin type, don’t trust other’s suggestions. What is nude for your friend might be too light or too dark for you! So always pick your shade according to the colour of your skin.


Whenever you go for a liquid lipstick shopping, consider pigmentation and coverage before buying one for yourself. Some liquid lipstick coverage is so sheer that it can’t hide pigmentation on your lips and so a look at the pigmentation is a must before spending your money!

Look for swatches and review!

Whenever you are buying liquid lipstick, always go for swatches and reviews in the first place. This will help you get an idea about all things mentioned above and you will choose your shade better. And for reviews and swatches, you know where to land, right? 😀


And lastly, be comfortable in your own skin! You are beautiful no matter what and so always remember the style is yours and so is the choice! Embrace your uniqueness and style!



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