10 Things Which Freak Out Cleanliness Obsessed People


10 Things Which Freak Out Cleanliness Obsessed People

First of all raise your hands all you cleanliness freaks! When Anamika gave me the idea of writing this, the freak in me laughed Bwaaa hahahahaa like Tarun 😉 and then I checked if my lappy keys were clean 😛 I love hygiene a lot and cleanliness has to come with it.

Some of you people with cleanliness OCD may not even know about your disorder but if you are showing following symptoms then you definitely suffer from it 😀


clean freak (5)

1. Clutter freaks you out and no matter how much you want to ignore it, you still can’t


clean freak (7)

You are not the one who really wants to ignore it but your brain says ‘stop’ when you are too tired. You start picking and arranging every single thing that seems unorganized to you and it doesn’t matter what time of day it is.

2. You even make sure that your dustbin is super clean.


clean freak (8)

You cleanliness nerd will keep scrubbing even the thing that is always supposed to be dirty. But your house is not clean until the garbage-holder gets its share of respect.

3. A considerable part of your weekend is spent on organizing and cleaning stuff.


clean freak (1)


Weekends are fun and are meant to be enjoyed but your definition of enjoyment is a spick and span house. You prefer to do some extra cleaning and moving stuff around during weekends.

4. You get this high whenever things are spick and span in your place.

clean freak (6)

Doesn’t matter even if you look the worst. After all a neat home is what defines your personality. You do not care about messy, sticky hair and dust-laden face when you are at it. Dressing even in rags makes you happy while doing your favourite thing.

5. You have high respect for those who are always clean and share cleaning tips with you.

'Neat Freaks Anonymous' meeting schedule.

This one is an exception to the ‘opposites attract’ theory. You like the company of clean-minded people. You can even organize a cleaning-kitty where you share the latest in cleanliness.

6. You are always looking for new cleaning products in supermarket.


clean freak (9)


Forget makeup, clothes and even groceries, all you love to search in a supermarket is the most advanced magic-solution for removing dirt and grime from every corner of your house. You keep wishing for new innovations in this category.

7. People get mad at you for being so obsessed but you feel sad that why they just can’t understand.

clean freak (3)


Well this is inevitable. Not everyone in a family keeps thinking about a shining house all the time. A single drop of water on floor has the power of freaking you out. You keep giving instructions to all family members and it gets on them but you still don’t care. After all ‘cleanliness is Godliness’

8. You clean even when your maid is done cleaning.


clean freak (1)


Yes! You instruct your maid and run around your house with her when she is cleaning but no one can satisfy you. As soon as maid leaves, you notice one teeny-tiny stain or a strand of hair on floor and get down to your job.

9. No matter how much you clean but you think “It’s still pending and rest I will do tomorrow”.


"What the hell is going on here? That pebble wasn't there yesterday!"

You can do the same thing on an everyday basis when it comes to cleaning. Nobody else but you notice the ‘dirt’.

10. If somebody tells you or points out that a corner of your house is a little dirty, you might end up crying whole day.


clean freak (1)


The phrase ‘crying at the drop of a hat’ is relevant for you and is not limited to ‘hat’. You can feel bad and dirty until and unless that corner keeps showing even a single dust particle through magnifying glass. That vicious person who dared to call your house dirty is labeled ‘evil’ but actually you should thank them for pointing out some filth in your otherwise pure house.

Are you a cleanliness freak?

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  1. I am a proud freak I guess…but there are certain people who jaan bhuj k point out the dust inside a glass shelf crockery which is not in use… as they can’t bear to see how the house is more clean than their own!! :-p


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