10 Things Which Only Your Best Friend Will Understand


10 Things Which Only Your Best Friend Will Understand

Friends are great fun to hang around with. Friends are actually god sent gifts you get to cherish all your life.

Friends can sense every single change that happens in you. They understand you well without any explanation.


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Take a look at the list below, you will surely agree with these thoughts;

Your Crazy Family Rituals

Everyday the bands across your neck and arm keeps increasing and you explain that you have suddenly found the divine light but is in fact your parents climbing every holy-place there is to find in order to get you married soon only your bestie understands your family best.

Your Weird Sense Of Style

Pairing a yellow top with a red skirt and orange shorts with blue tanks kind of fashion was always your style and you have even been asked if this was some cult uniform, only your bestie understands your admiration for ‘In your face blinding fashion’.

Your Ever Not-So-Funny Jokes


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Ever wondered you are funny in a group and the first one to crack at your jokes is your bestie that’s because he understands that you live in an illusion of your jokes being funny and he just does not want you to..hmm well break that illusion of yours.

The Dumb Smile You Give When A Particular Boy Talks To You

When everyone else around thinks that you have had an attack of Insanity or paralysis of half your face it’s only your best friend who understands that the ear to ear smile is for your dreamy crush+ he has the all I want in a guy+ total husband material.

Why You Keep Listening To The Same Song Over and Over Again

When everyone else is moved on to the latest songs in their IPOD and you are still whistling to a song from the 90’s only your bestie understands that the artist of that song was your first crush.

Why You Want To Shoot Your Boss


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20 minute lunch breaks, tiptoeing from the production room to the design room 3 floors apart, sleeping work exhausted over the laptop in the night and FINALLY a not so good appraisal, only your bestie knows your plans of shooting lead into your boss, heck he might be even partners in your scheme.

Puffy Eyes In The Morning

Your Ex called you last night and invited you to his engagement after which you have been sobbing all night and finished 2 cans of ice-cream and at work the next day you explain you worked the entire night, well your BFF knows the truth.

Why You Hate Lyla


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Right everybody loves Lyla with her innocent looks and caring nature everyone at work is always admiring Lyla because she is helping out others and there is absolutely no reason to dislike her, but you notice she is getting too frisky with your crush and your bestie understands your morbid hate towards her.

The Real Meaning Of Your Tattoo


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Sure to everyone else it’s just two butterflies fluttering away over your skin but only your bestie understands the real story behind them being two lovers fluttering in the air of love freely.

Why You Are Allergic To Kittens

Oh yeah a cute little fur-ball comes up to you and you jump and hoot while explaining that you are absolutely allergic to cats when your bestie understands that you are actually scared of kittens to death and you feel like they are out to take your soul.

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