10 Things Which Will Make You A Strong Woman


10 Things Which Will Make You A Strong Woman

Being strong is not a genetic thing, it can definitely be imbibed. I have seen a lot of strong women all my life and every time I am a little down in my mood, I look up to a few of them and it actually helps me to pick myself up together and face the challenge or the circumstance well. Also I am sure we all have such women around us whom we admire even if we do not admit to it sometimes. I am sharing 10 Things Which Will Make You A Strong Woman and these can be adapted by us to be strong ourselves.

Let us see how we fare on these generic characteristics of such women. It would be fun to know and see where we stand and how much far we need to go to be called a STRONG Woman!

  1. Strong women are bold enough to call a spade a spade!

Yes! Strong women speak their heart and mind loud out. They are not afraid of anyone or anything to speak the truth. Even if it means speaking bluntly they remain straightforward and speak what they feel. The good thing here is that they do not keep things to heart and do not manipulate with their words.

  1. They are not two-faced


They are what they are in front of you! Also they would not speak something else to someone and then bloat it to something else and tell someone else another different story. If they like you, you will be liked only and if they hate you have lesser chances of being loved by them until you try very hard.

  1. They are independent


They do not like depending on anyone for anything. Even if they are unwell, they would try not to depend on anyone else but try and take care of themselves on their own. So, they are independent physically, monetarily and emotionally.

  1. They might appear like a snob


This is the feel one gets when you come across a strong woman. She might appear to you as someone rude or someone with a great deal of attitude. But actually it is not the truth. They smile; they are friendly and fun to be with. But they do not open up to emotions too easily.

  1. Strong women do not cry or show their softer side easily


If you have ever come across a strong woman you would find them emotionally stronger than usual. They are insensitive almost to some issues where you find yourself howling and crying aloud. This is their basic characteristic to be called strong compared to us.

  1. Theywant total respect and might see you down if you don’t respect yourself!


They demand complete sense of being respected from everyone they come across. If they are not respected, they do not like to talk or entertain that particular person or audience. They are in full control of their dignity as an individual.

  1. You cannot mess with them all the time!


Though they have patience, they are not to be messed around with for sure! They are commanding enough to make you feel like you are banging your fists against iron.

  1. They always have a goal in life


Strong women always are deflected from usual routine emotional tantrums because their focus is always divested towards something they are chasing. They live for a dream and a goal in life which is far more important to them than any other thing.

  1. You can only see their softer side if you are too close to them


They are very adamant on revealing their softer side until you are too close to them. So,they do not believe in making friends and sharing secrets or even something that is bothering them to anyone who is just an acquaintance. And they will only go deep down their feelings if you are too close a friend to them. They are also selective in choosing their friends.

  1. They only make a few friends


This one is obvious after the above 9 points. You can by now sense that they will not make too close friends with anyone and everyone. They might keep a hi-hello relationship with you but they will completely maintain their closeness with only one or two friends.


  1. All the above points hold true for me but not the the last one..i like to make lots of friends but stay closer to countable.


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