10 Things Which Will Only Lipstick Hoarders Will Understand


10 Things Which Will Only Lipstick Hoarders Will Understand

Hello Peeps!

I am here today to discuss with you the importance of lipsticks in our lives. They are pretty important to me and I am in those people who literally worship their lipsticks. If you are like me then you will definitely relate to me below:D ..

When everyone in the group is shopping for clothes you mostly like to stick to makeup counters

Women who love lipsticks cannot help their cravings. Their shopping carts would always be filled with lipsticks even if they went for apparel shopping. This is sometimes seen as craziness but they cannot help it. It is like an addiction to them.

Kareena Kapoor

Many times you end up getting same color lipstick!

Happens with you right! Giggles! ditto with me! If I love some color, I just cannot have enough of it. At the point of purchase, I am just not sure which color to leave and which color I already have in stock. If I love it, I shall have it works for us lipstick lovers!

Deepika in white saree

You know all the textures of the lipstick

The lipstick love is so strong and pure that you can make out which texture is lying in front of you in the form of a stick that you want to pick and apply. You have got a talent and that something only you can and you should. Yay! We are the best!

Shraddha Kapoor LIPSTICKS

Every new launch excites you

People in love with lipsticks wait for those launches and once you see something coming your way, it has to reach your vanity bag the first so that you could show it off to your friends. Sounds familiar? Well you are a true lipstick lover!


You keep looking for high end brands dupes

Brand dupes are cool! They make you enjoy the finish and look that a brand would be able to provide you but at cheaper prices. It is like a bonus goodie we wait for. It excites us and keeps us on toes to have them all.

Deepika Padukone LIPSTICKS

You can recognize the brand from the lipstick tube itself

Yes! This is what would definitely be called our exclusivity. We can judge the brand from its bottle. If we have seen it, we know exactly what it is made of. This is called expertise and we are proud to have it.

Kajol lipstick excitement

You hate when someone ask you to share your lipstick

Well! It actually hurts! Firstly it is a hygiene concern and even beyond that it would be the question of losing your lipstick to be used by someone else. Never!!

Selina gomez

You always go on lipstick ban and end up breaking it after few days

I am sure you must have tried this at least once. This is painful for sure to leave your habit. Coming back to it after days is even more fun. Plus it is not a bad habit to apply lipstick, isn’t it? Then why not? To have a break is good but a permanent ban is next to impossible.

kangana ranaut

You take care of your lipstick like your babies

You definitely have to agree to this one. If it’s your lipstick you would guard it for sure and keep it safe as long as you can.

ear rings

And below is some glimpse of my lipstick collection..It has flourished more and I am really guilty about it but can’t help it 😀


  1. Every time I get same shades of lipsticks, I gift the older one to my mom. She is like- why do you buy so many that you don’t even remember what you have 😛


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