10 Things You Should Never Forget To Do In Your Best Friend Wedding


10 Things You Should Never Forget To Do In Your Best Friend Wedding

Best Friend’s wedding! Wow this is something we plan since our childhood, though some of us lose touch and are not in touch but for lucky those who are in touch with each other till their D-Days, there sure is nothing more exciting than the wedding of your best friend.
You are sure in plans of celebrating the day in the best possible manner to make it more memorable but there are certain things you lest not forget to do. Let’s quickly check them out the 10 Things You Should Never Forget To Do In Your Best Friend Wedding.

Do not forget to take snaps of everything and every important person

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You meet friends, friends of friends and relatives, cousins of your best friend. And you attend a lot of functions and ceremonies Haldi, sangeet etc. so you can have a lot of memories for sure. You have to have the pictures, a lot of them actually to be able to share with your best friend and others. Your best friend sure would be depending on you for them.

Do not forget to capture your friend and your pictures

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Well you two have to take pictures together for certain. I mean it would be your memories together for lifetime. And you got to get clicked with her on her special day.

You should not forget to be with your friend in every emotion of her

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Be it happiness or sadness, you guys have shared it together, so now when she is going to enter a new phase, you have to share the emotions she is into. Her happiness and sadness all require you to be with her.

You should not forget about her cravings on the day

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Well, marriage is a big thing and  there will be a lot of anxiousness & nervousness going on with your friend! She might not be realizing her need to eat, sleep and drink. You got to take care of her in every sense and ensure that she does not fall off on her D-day.

You should not leave her alone

Even when it is for a few minutes, do not leave your friend alone for the reasons as above. Since she must be anxious and excited, she might need you for more reasons than one.

You should check her stuff before she leaves to get ready

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Has she not left anything which she might need, her attire is okay, her shoes, her stuff for makeup, everything should be in place before she gets ready. As a best friend, you should take care of this for her and ensure that you are right beside her whenever she looks up for some help.

You should make proper arrangements for her until the groom arrives

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In Indian weddings, the groom and his family are seldom on time. Till that time, the poor bride has to get ready and wait while the people outside are talking to each other and having food together. At that point, you got to see that your friend is not hungry or is not in need of something else. Since she cannot just roam around freely, it is your responsibility to take care of her.

You should take care of her while she walks the aisle

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Since her outfit must be heavy and it is not easy to walk the aisle while you are nerve-wrecked and all eyes are on you. It is when you got to be her side, hold her hand and make her feel secured.

You should remind her to smile

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Well, you should be around while she is meeting people on the podium or is taken away by groom’s side. Also you got to be in her sight so that she could let you know about any need that she might have.

You should enjoy too!

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It should not so happen that you forget to take care of yourself. You should also be eating and enjoying yourself at all functions but at the same time be considerate to your to-be-married friend. You are not a war savaging warrior but a best friend so just relax yourself enough to keep your friend calm.


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