10 Tiger Tattoo Ideas


Tigers, as we all know are among the most majestic animals on Earth. The tiger symbolizes invincibility, might and power. On the one hand it represents strength, ferocity, fearlessness, violence and on the other represents purity, beauty, fiery passion and sensuality.

Like this majestic, we women under no circumstances want to lean on someone with a desire of getting through life or attaining success, we trust our own forces, staring in the eye of the old idea of feminine security we strictly refuse to shield ourselves behind a man or his patriarchal institutions. We are tough, courageous, active, and passionate; we like to shape our destiny with our own hands – to be the architect of our happiness in every high and low of life. We are never afraid to fight for what we want.

Again, like the tiger, we are compassionate, caring and definitely sensuous. No matter how much we show to the world that we are strong, daring, but this does not stop us from longing secretly for “the one” in college/office, although we take the utmost care not to admit it to others and especially to ourselves. We look after family and friends can be counted on in times of trouble.

Tattooing Tiger is widely famous in the Eurasian and Asian region. They scream attention and would suit you best when you want to communicate guts, durability, or tenacity, or even passion and love. Tiger tattoos often present an illustrated version of the characters present on us.

1.  Poise and Prowess:-

A tigress is known for her dignified, self confident manner, sombreness and again for her superior strength, skills, power and ability to combat situations.

Poise and Prowess Tiger Tattoo

2. Anger and Ferocity:-

A tigers ferocity and anger can be compared to a woman’s, when seen from the angle of protectiveness towards close ones.

Anger and Ferocity Tiger Tattoo

3.  Love and passion:-

Illustrate one’s love and devotion for one’s child or loved one. Love for both women and tigress is a very strong emotion. It can inspire and it can cause despair.

Love and passion Tiger Tattoo

4.  Fun kid in us:-

The picture of these cubs reminds sweetness, cuteness and innocence. It brings out the kid in us.

Fun kid Tiger Tattoo

Boisterous Tigger:-

I think everybody know who trigger is, those who doesn’t know or can’t remember right now, let me remind you that Trigger is the tiger from Winnie the Pooh. Trigger was boisterous, full of unrestrained enthusiasm and joy.

Boisterous Tigger Tattoo

5.  Tigers with Butterflies and Flowers:-

These tattoos stand for femininity, beauty, grace and as well as signifies freedom and independence, journey of souls.

Butterflies and Flowers tiger Tattoo

6.  Enticing Tribals:-

I always liked tattoos with tribal touch. They look smart and rhythmic.

Enticing Tribals tiger Tattoo

7.  Chinese Tiger tattoo:-

A very popular Chinese tattoo is the tiger tattoo. The tiger is one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. They are said to be courageous, self-reliant, friendly, and hopeful. Tiger is the national animal of china, and is considered to be lucky and holy. The Chinese characters in the pictures below are “HU”, which means Tiger.


8.  Let the eyes talk:-

Focused on winning, the eyes of a tiger speak confidence, strength and power.

Focused Eyes Tiger Tattoo

9.  Go  traditional:-

These are the tattoos which depict the originality at the beginning of body art, although those times lack technical advancements of now, yet these designs stand out as fine pieces of art work.


traditional Tiger Tattoo

10.  Bold enough:-

Yes, if you are bold enough, and strong enough to get such a huge tattoo, you are definitely a tigress.

Large Body Tiger Tattoo

Due to the agility, flexible structure and shape of a tiger it fits and looks good on many places on our body, and thus I have not mentioned any particular place to be inked. All is your choice and preference…
So Keep calm and get inked.. 🙂

Did you like these tiger tattoo ideas?

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