10 Tips For Naturally Glowing And Healthy Skin


10 Tips For Naturally Glowing And Healthy Skin

Would you like to have naturally gorgeous and flawless skin without piling on tons of makeup?  All of us women. young or old covet that natural glow.  It is not hard to come by but it  means making choices that serve your skin well.

Below are listed 10 simple tips to gorgeous skin.

10 tips for naturally glowing and healthy skin+healthy habits for good skin


8 Hours Of Night Sleep/Sleep For Beautiful Skin:-


Have you heard of beauty sleep?  Ummm that is a true saying.  7 to 8 hours of sleep every night will makes a significant difference to your skin.  Pale, dull, uneven tone skin and dark circles under the eyes are all signs that you are not well rested.  Sleep heals, repairs and restores your skin naturally.


Take a chill pill/Beauty & Stress:-


Stress is the biggest killer in todays world.  It also causes havoc with your skin.  Redness, breakouts and dry, flaky patches are signs that you are majorly stressed.  If excersise is not possible then take out 10 minutes every night to sit quietly with both your laptop and mobile off!


Hydration, hydration, hydration

Beauty shines from within and that involves a lot of sacrifice.   Yes sacrifice.  No fizzy drinks and coffee.  Opt for water or water with a dash of lime or lemon.  Staying hydrated keeps skin looking supple and plump.  Sip water throughout the day.

An active lifestyle


There really is no natural complexion booster quite like exercise.  It gives your face a natural glow. 30- to 40-minute of excersise, 4 to 5 times a week, the fresh air will revive tired skin. All that movement will get your blood flowing and heart rate up, giving skin that gorgeous, flirty flush.

Healthy Diet For Beauty/Healthy Diet For Beauty


Your diet has a direct effect on how the skin looks.  One that is full of refined flour, sugar, fried snacks and processed foods is a major culprit in uneven tone, breakouts and general lack of brightness. Give your skin the nutrients it needs from leafy greens, fresh fruit, colorful vegetables and whole grains.

Sunscreen or you scream


Exposure to the sun can cause skin damage and cancer. Neglecting this important step in your daily routine whether in you spend time in the sun or in the office under artificial light, causes the fine lines and other signs of aging that can really hinder your natural glow.

Sometimes less is more


If you have sensitive and irritable skin then it could be due to the products you use as well.  Get products that don’t have too many chemicals and perservatives. The less that goes into making the product, the less chance there will be for irritation from unnatural substances.

Exfoliate For Beautiful Skin:-


Regular exfoliation takes away dead skin cells and unclogs pores to reveal fresher, brighter skin.  Get your skin analysed and based on that choose  a scrub.  Go for an organic, homemade one or a mild scrub from the market for your skin.

Go organic


Eat organic and use organic.  Rather than spending so much money on cehmically laden products from the market, search for natural ingredients recipes that give you good cleansing, firming and toning for your face.

Smoking and Caffine – stop it!


Smoking is unhealthy and so is too much caffine.  It spoils the complexion and speeds up the aging process.  Give it up. Stay healthy and your body and face will thank you.

What are you tips for naturally glowing skin?


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  1. Nice post! I’m reading the importance of using sunscreen many times. I’ve a doubt regarding this. I’m out of my room everyday 8.30 to 8.45 and will be in office around 9 aft tat again cming out 6 in te eve. I heard tat morning sun rays r gud as it has vitamin d. Now shall I skip my sunscreen for this time of exposure?


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