Tips for newly married couple

You are getting married and feeling of joy and apprehension both are felt by man and women Thinking of spending whole life with a person is beautiful but challenging as well.
Below here are some tips which married couple must know before starting a new life:-

1If you are married it doesn’t mean you both have to be together 24/7.Every one needs his/her own space. You don’t need to know about each and every call which your spouse receives. You don’t have to ask all 100 question of who, why and what. This makes the other person feel claustrophobic.

2.Every couple has their own share of altercations. When there is happiness there is bound to be some issues too. You don’t have to fight for petty issues like you didn’t like the gift which your mom in law gave you .These things can be discussed later and there is no need to bring them in your honey moon period.

3.There is no need to know about your spouse past, present and future within few days itself. You have your whole life ahead. Know only which your partner is willing to share it with you at that time.

4.Nobody is perfect. It takes time to understand each other body and physical desires. Try to understand the person first.

5.Your spouse like cricket and you hate it. He likes action thriller and you prefer comedy. These are life time issues, accept them instead of fighting over them.

6.Every woman is apprehensive about sex before marriage. Take it as it come and be romantic and free yourself. You will be free to talk to your spouse and share your intimate desire within few days itself.

7.Don’t forget to keep yourself fit during your honey moon period also. Don’t bring lot of changes in yourself otherwise you may fall ill as soon as your honey moon ends.

8.You don’t have to show care like a mother or father. You are a spouse and there is need to be over caring and over concerned.

Sometimes fight for silly things and some time love for no reason . Keep the balance between giving and taking and enjoy a beautiful married life.

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