10 Tips On How To Get Dark Mehendi



10 Tips On How To Get Dark Mehendi

It’s a common saying that the color of the mehndi depends on the love of our fiancé or husband, the deeper his love the darker the color of your mehndi.

Well, perhaps this is the reason why women in my house, specially my didis always go crazy to darken their mehndi and try all sorts of things to get the darkest possible color.


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So here goes some ‘straight from my house’ tips on how to get dark mehndi.

  • First of all, the basic thing. Make sure you are using a mehndi cone with good quality. If the mehndi inside the cone is of inferior quality, all other procedures to enhance your mehndi color won’t work much.
  • Try the magical solution which helps in darkening the color. The solution is a mixture of lemon juice and sugar well mixed together. Start applying this solution only when your mehndi has dried out like 80%, otherwise the designs will get messy. Just dip a cotton ball in the solution and gently dab on the designs. Keep applying this mixture every 15 minutes.
  • The steam method. If you are not that in hurry, you can go through this steam method. Place a pan of water on a stove, add a few cloves in it and heat the water up. Keep your hands at a safe distance and let the heat come up to your hands. Follow this step only after you have applied the lemon and sugar solution. Pay attention to the time you spend doing this procedure. Don’t overdo, otherwise the steam can melt your designs. 1minutes, take a break and again start.
  • Fumes of cloves work magic too. Heat a few cloves on a tawa and hover your hands carefully over the fumes of the cloves. Let the fumes dry up the lemon and sugar mixture, and not burn your hands.
  • While your mehndi paste is still on, you can also hover your hands around the stove to get some heat onto the design. BE CAREFUL, DO NOT BURN YOURSELF.
  • Remember, when removing the dried henna paste, you can rub it off, scrap it off, peel it off, or let it drop off naturally, but never use water. Any contact with water will stop it from darkening.
  • Contact with soap and water should be avoided as much as possible in the first twenty four hours.
  • Immediately after scarping off the henna, you’ll see that the henna stains orange. Don’t panic. Warm up some mustard oil and apply it wherever you have applied henna. Hover your hands carefully over the gas. After an hour you’ll see the orange stain will vanish and it will give a way to a darker colored brown stain. If possible wear gloves overnight after the oil massage to lock in body heat.
  • Another old trick to darken mehndi color is to apply pain relief balms on your palms after you scrap off the mehndi flakes. Pain relief balms generate heat under the skin and darken the mehndi color.
  • Ending with basics. The longer the mehndi stays on your palms, the darker the color will get. Keep it for 5-7 hours and if possible, overnight.

So, these are some tips by which you can enhance the color of your mehndi.

Do you follow any tips to achieve dark mehndi on your hand?

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