10 Tips To Get Rid Of Computer Eye Strain


10 tips to avoid eye strainEye Strain Computer – We all are so much addicted to our computers / laptops that we hardly think about short term and long term effects of it on our eyes! Often people experience pain in eyes, blurt vision and headache after hours of sitting in front of computers, are you one of them?
Many people also find it difficult to read small letters on computer screen, this puts a strain on their eyes actually. Plz don’t neglect these symptoms and start taking care of your beautiful eyes as soon as possible. There are many symptoms which can be a warning to you like as I have already told- eye strain, blurry vision, often headache, dry eyes which gives burning sensation, strain in shoulder & neck muscles, pain in eyes, double vision even when u are not under influence of liquor!!

Sign Of Eye Strain and Cure

It is never too late to start a new thing, so how do we start to take care of our eyes, its simple. You just have to follows these easy tips to reduce eye strain due to PC’s:-

Take a break

U know, “Break K Baad” all becomes fresh, so give your eyes a break! Do not sit in front of your computer continuously for more than 2 hours, just go out and try to see something green and natural like trees, flowers, sky for 5min. Wash your eyes with cold water as often as you can this will sooth your eyes and refresh them.

Change your work place –

At least once in every hour try to move around and do something else like make your imp phone calls or filling any form etc. or just lean back, close your eyes for few minutes and  relax.

Workplace should be properly lit

It puts strain on eyes if you work in dark (ie,, at night in dark room) or in such a place where light is not sufficient or natural day light is not coming inside.Also place your computer screen in such a direction that the light source is not falling on your monitor.

Blink your eyes often

You know in normal conditions, we blink our eyes more than 10,000 times a day, this keeps our eyes lubricated. But when we are working on computers, we constantly look on the screen and our eyes don’t blink, this causes dryness. So blink your eyes as often as you can…

Try using Artificial Teardrops

Do you know artificial teardrops are available in market. They prevent dryness of eyes and are safe to use too.

Use appropriate spectacles

If you wear spectacles or contact lenses you should be more careful towards your eyes. Choose a spectacle or contact lens that is specially made for computer work. You should also put a safety filter on computer screen.

Practice relaxation while work

I suffered a really bad muscle cramp last year :(  Since we sit in the same posture for many hours, many a times our muscles become stiff and cause cramps. You should try out some exercise in your work place itself. Stretch your arms and neck, bend your head to and fro, place your elbows on the desk, join both your palms and rest your head on your palms, close your eyes and take deep breath.

Doing Pranayam

As Baba Ramdev said, Anulom-Vilom Pranayam is the most relaxing breathing exercise. Many people in lunch hours (in office) practice this exercise. Not only it will increase oxygen in your blood stream (which will make your mind active) but will also relax your eyes and your mood.

Make your work place eye-friendly

Sometimes your chair is at lower than your desk or sometimes your PC is at lower level. Adjust your monitor at the same level of your eyes at a distance of 20-28 inches. Even if the monitor is at arm’s length it’s fine.
Adjust your screen with complimenting text and background as shown below.

How to avoid eye strain


Clean computer screen everyday –

Dust particles absorbs light falling on it and results in poor reflection, causing eye strain. So keep the monitor always clean.

If still the eye problems persist then you should consult a doctor, you may have to put on lenses! Eyes are the most expressive part of your body, start taking care of it right today….

Do you take care of your eyes ? Have any tips to share here?

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  1. Hey…..good read and this is so apt for me right now…swamped with work and all of it is reading, writing and typing on the laptop…my fingers and eyes are super strained…all the tips are good and I do most of them, though the anti glare specs is an addition I need to make…but honestly I think one day in a week, we should get keep our eyes screen free and give them a break!…I do that on either saturday or sunday or both – i just dont switch on the laptop…

  2. My eyes have gone for a toss because of blogging…:(

    i do keep eye drops with me but they stay near me only and don go into my eyes..

    this article is really helpful for me atleast i am blinking my eyes more 😀

  3. I started blinking as soon I read this! 😉 I should make a habit to clean the screen , I’m so lazy! :fighterf:
    Nice article :yes:

  4. Nice tips yaar but please do mention that pranayam should be done only with an empty stomach. It is a strict rule or else we will be forcing our organs more and it may even result in the production of more toxins.


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