10 tips to look fresh with your make up whole day this summer


With such heat and humidity around it is difficult to look fresh whole day. Scorching summer heat can inflict the summer make up of any one. Even good branded foundation melts away and powder collects around the hair line. However with little modification in your make up regime you can maintain your fresh look throughout the day.

Let’s check out how

1 Those having oily pores and T zone problem must use oil absorbing pads. These pads help in soaking undesirable oil that piles up on our face throughout the day. Uses of these pads elongate the life of makeup and make you look fresher too.

2.Instead of foundation use tinted moisturizer with SPF(Tinted moisturizer is a sheer, lightweight moisturizer with SPF & a hint of color that can be used in place of foundation for a natural appearance and adds a healthy glow to your complexion).

But if you are in those who just do not feel complete without foundation then you can limit its application to the center of the face .Avoid applying it on your hair line.

3. Your make up requires touch ups throughout the day therefore make a touch up kit and keep it in your hand bag. Lip gloss, lip balm and loose powder are a must have in your touch up kit. Avoid adding foundation or anything which melts away easily .If you are a Kajal or an eyeliner freak then make sure you buy the product which doesn’t smudge away that much. Choose lip gloss instead of lipstick as most of the time they melt away in spite of their good brand value.

4. Use your compact to seal your make up and choose powder foundation instead of liquid foundation to avoid looking greasy. Use blush scarcely which will give you a sun kissed look .Try using powder based foundation, eye shadows and blusher.

5. Always keep your lips moisturized and try using a lip balm which has SPF in it.

6 .Don’t over gorge on oil free formulas as they can make your skin drier.

7. For long lasting eyeliner and eye shadow use eye shadow primer. It will help your make up stay where you put it.

8. Always use clean cotton swab to remove under eye foundation or powder build up.

9 Always use loose powder for re applying to avoid your self-looking caked.

10. In the end, follow a healthy cleaning, toning and moisturizing night regime to battle summer blemishes. To make your own herbal toner and moisturizer click here.

Ya, that also reminds me, I remember going through my blogger friend Rati post ,who did a great break down of Preity Zinta fresh and elegant look to read it click here.


  1. Good post! Most of the tips u have mentioned, are very user-friendly and easy to do. It is really tough to look fresh in summers!


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