10 Tips To Make Face Appear Thinner With Makeup



10 Tips To Make Face Appear Thinner With Makeup

Hello ladies, how are you all???

Today’s topic is certainly an issue that many of us must have somewhere down the line have faced. Just a couple of kgs gained gives you a rounder and heavy face, which is not always fancied.

Dear ladies ditch the worries because Makeup is a wonder art that works just the way you want it to work and in the same manner makeup can be used to give an illusion of a slimmer face.

Have you ever wondered why do celebrities look so much different with makeup and are a total different personality without makeup??? Well they use specialized makeup techniques and there is no science behind their looks that makes them beautiful. Similarly you too can put makeup to use as a powerful tool and make heads turn around in your appreciation.


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Please have a look at the following makeup tips that will help you achieve a look of slimmer face:

Watch Your Brows

Your eyebrows play a big part in how your face looks. If you are a fan of thin eyebrows and at the same time are not happy with the rounder looking face. You got a think for a moment about your brows’ shape. Your brows are an asset that can add dimension to your looks. Your eyebrows should not be thin, well that does not mean that you need to develop a “Shin Chan” alike brow, it is just that your brows should have some substantial thickness and should be high arched in shape. A higher, more pronounced arch helps balance out a round face by vertically stretching its appearance. Also try and maintain your brows’ shape regularly and have a habit to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or alternatively you can use a darker shade of eyeshadow to fill in your eyebrows.

Combine The Blushes

To give your face an elongated look, try layering a combo of three different shades of blush on your cheeks. Use a highlighter on the tops of cheekbones, a cream blush shade that you desire on the apples of your cheeks and a bronzer or a darker powder blush below the cheekbones. This is a face narrowing technique that works very well for a slimmer look of face and gives the illusion of more lifted, angular cheekbones.


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The Correct Blush

Blushes with red undertones can make face appear heavier than what it actually is. It is always advisable to use a blush with slight brown undertones for best results, when trying to achieve a slimmer face appearance.

Also the application of the blush at the correct position matters. In case of creating a narrow illusion of face, apply blush right under the cheekbone and sweep it bone towards the middle of each ear. Be easy in blush application and do not go overboard with blush, it should be lightly applied so that it appears to give a lengthening effect.

Play with your eyes

Emphasizing your eyes and under playing the face is the important for achieving a thinner look of face. Playing with eyes mainly focuses on proper use of eyeliners and mascaras to make eyes look larger and this will help the rest face look thinner. Incorporate use of eye shadows and do not avoid them as this will help grab all the attention towards your eyes. Matching the color of eye shadow with the color of your eyes creates a sense of unity and lengthens your face.


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You can try creating a cat eye look as this helps to elongate the lash line and eye shape in an outward & upward direction and draws attention to the corners of eyes, making your face look thinner.

Let The Dark Shades Work

In makeup, the dark shade recedes your feature while the light shades bring your features forward, and this technique should be adapted when trying to have a thinner face look. This is all about basic contouring, you will need a contour color or matte bronzer which is two shades deeper than your actual skin tone.

We shall use the contour technique to slim down cheeks. Make a fish face and apply the bronzer through those sunken cheeks(while you have a fish face); and blend it thoroughly so as to avoid streaky application. This will create shadow which will make your face look thin and more angular, as it creates a heart-shaped face out of a rounded one.

Fake A Sharp and Thin Nose

A thin nose plays an important role when doing a makeup for a thin face appearance. Swipe a contour shade down the sides of the bridge of your nose and do not go till the nostrils while doing so and stop using contour shade when you reach your nostrils and now blend highlighter down through the bridge of your nose in a vertical line and tada you are done with a fake slimmer nose.


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Do Not Ignore The Forehead

Have you just missed your forehead makeup with a thought that it is going to make no change? Well you just did a mistake but this isn’t anything that can’t be taken care of. Blend the contour shade onto your temples and around the hairline to emphasize the angles of your forehead bone structure.




Cover The Under Eyes

The under eye circles give a weighty look to your face. Use a concealor to hide the under eye circles and even use a concealing camouflage palette for severe under eye circles cases. You can also add a white eye shadow or highlighter to the outside and inside corners of your eyes, this will help them stand out in a good way, rather than to stand out because of dark circles and this will ultimately make your face look slimmer.


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Pink lips

Dark lips can make your face look heavier and rounder. Do not go with very bold lips and instead opt for light pink lips or some other light shades of lipsticks for making the face look light and slim.


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Hide Double Chins

Double Chins certainly ruin your face appearance and make it look very heavy. To hide or to minimize the appearance of double chin blend a contour shade or a bronzer under the jaw line to define the area and blend it till it gets a seamless finish. This will create a shadow under the chin which will hide the appearance of a double chin.

Blend highlighter between your brows, on the bridge of the nose, on the Cupid’s bow and in the center of your chin. This highlighting will help bring out these features forward to downplay the width of your face.

These were few tips which you can use to achieve a slimmer looking face appearance. What among these do you follow?

Do you have more tips to share?

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