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Eaudemoiselle By Givenchy Perfume Review

Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy is my most favourite perfume of all times. Like the other perfumes in my collection, I got this one abroad. On my way back fromUK, hubby wanted me to check the brand Givenchy for perfumes. I was bewildered, coz’I didn’t even know how to pronounce it. I talked around, learned how to pronounce it and then after checking the shops I decided to buy it duty free. I bought it for 30 pounds in Harrods in the Heathrow Terminal 5.

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Mambo By Liz Claiborne Perfume Review

Mambo  by Liz Claiborne is a floral-fruity perfume. I have found most floral-fruity perfumes to be strong and handled with care. Else you might give headaches to everyone.

Perfume.com describes this to be “Romantic” Razz. “Mambo captures the rhythm and flirty spirit of the women who wear it. Its sensuality dances across the skin with rich notes of succulent Mango, vibrant Mandarin and the intense floral essence of Ylang. Hypnotic notes of Orange Blossom, pink Ginger and the seductive aroma of red Hibiscus make Mambo more intense. A sensual touch of exotic woods is romanced by the warmth of Vanilla and Musk, and the fire of Sandalwood.”

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Moroccan Rose The Body Shop perfume Review

As The Body Shop India website claims it is a traditional rose perfume with a twist. The moment you spray on, all you smell is rose. I am crazy about roses that every year by hubby gets only roses for his birthday. Grin Imagine my pleasure when the SA showed me this. It was a definite buy.

This is a beautiful daily wear perfume for me. But again as all bodyshop perfumes this doesn’t last long. It stays for a short period of time

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The Body Shop White Musk Perfume Review

White Musk is launched by The Body Shop and one of its popular series along with its lotion, body wash and others. One of my friends gifted me the White Musk Gift Pack which had the body lotion,Body wash, Perfume and the loofah. I love all of them. But as of the other Body Shop perfumes it is not a long lasting one, making it ideal for a day in office probably.

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  • Price: 35 Euros for 30ml in Paris. (May be same price across Europe)
  • Packaging: It is very simple and decent with gold colour cap and transparent bottle. Easy to carry.
  • Availability: You can get it online at www.givenchy.com


Experience with PI by Givenchy Paris:-

Pi is a celebration of what makes a man seductive – his intelligence, courage, and contributions. Pi is more than a name, it’s a symbol. This woody fragrance is magnetic and a means of escape and a flight of discovery into new sensations.

I have to agree, this is very very sweet. Not only in the opening, When the aromatic sets in, it becomes so much more. It’s pretty much the same after that so has a very linear fragrance, I do like it though. It is a very nice vanilla smell and is consistent throughout the scent life.

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L’occitaine Green Tea Solid Perfume (THE VERT) Review

  • Packaging – This solid perfume comes in a tiny tin tub similar to lip balm tubs or the Omved lip balm which a lot of us got as part of the Blissbox (which turned out to be not so blissful). I find the lid a bit tough to handle since its a pull-off lid and sometimes gets a bit jammed. A screw top lid would have been convenient.
  • Price:INR600


FERRARI EXTREME Perfume For Men Review

  • Product ~ Ferrari Extreme (Perfume for men)
  • For ~ Men
  • Price ~ SGD 110 OR INR 3995 (around there) for 125ml*In some online shops it’s much cheaper.
  • Product Claim ~ Men’s Ferrari is a new concept fragrance, perfectly in tune with the elegance, prestige and unique Ferrari lifestyle, and reveals a strong, fascinating, sophisticated and distinctive character.  The bottle is inspired by the aesthetic lines of Ferrari cars in an ongoing mix and match of the classic shapes of perfume bottles and the details of exquisite car bodies.
  • How to use ~  Spray on or walk over perfume.

Ferrari-perfume-for-men-reviews+ferrari perfume reviews

Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Mist Review

  • Price:$14for 8 oz. /237 ml bottle
  • Availability:Bath & Body Works

My Experience with BBW Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Mist:

The perfume looks light lavender in color and is in a transparent bottle with a cap on the top of the nozzle. Once we remove the cap, it is convenient to press the nozzle and spray it. It comes out as a liquid and when sprayed gets absorbed quickly. The fragrance drives me crazy. The raspberry smell dominates this perfume where as I could not whiff vanilla flavor much. Nevertheless, the raspberry flavor takes it all and you feel as if you are in a raspberry garden drenched in raspberry juice. The lasting power is 4-5 hours and I think that’s pretty cool.


Body Shop Love Etc…™ Eau De Perfume Review

A highly addictive, warm and radiant fragrance which embodies the exuberance and personality of our brand.

  • Fragrance personality: A sensuous blend of Egyptian jasmine with warm, radiant notes of vanilla and sandalwood.
  • Family: floriental
  • Notes:Top notes: pear, neroli, bergamot
  • Middle notes: jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley
  • Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, musk cream

Body Shop Love Etc…™ Eau De Perfume Review


Following in the footsteps of all Jean Paul Gautier perfumes, this one is shaped as a woman from neck to thigh wearing a corset. (Their perfumes for men are shaped as a man Razz)

I must be really boring with all these repeated floral perfumes but this one is different. This is again afloral perfume but with a touch of oriental. Some sites call it Floriental.

Its one of the very few perfumes which is heavy enough to last the whole day but still not too overpowering. You can actually smell the perfumes in your clothes the day after too. This makes it a perfect wear for heavy use. I mean you have a function in your family where you run around doing chores and sweating like hell and still should smell lovely. The reason why I mention a function is the price which was $65 two years back.


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  1. My All time favorite one ..Dior Shine By Christian Dior and the current crush is Coco Chanel by Chanel ..!!
    I think these 2 also should be in the list 😀 😛

  2. i have used ferrari .. yes a girl using a men’s perfume, i have used ferrari black, extreme and loved both.
    i want BBW raspberry wala and givenchy wala..

  3. I have tried all the variants of Spinz and I am a fan of Spinz exotic variant specially as it has a very soothing floral fragrance which lingers to the body all day long. The fragrance is quite refreshing and definitely tops the list for the entire Spinz variant for me.


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