10 Toxic Ingredients In Skincare Products You Must Be Aware


10 Toxic Ingredients In Skincare Products You Must Be Aware

With the recent rage over Maggie being banned in the country a topic of debate has arise as to how one can justify the inclusion of certain toxic elements in the edible products and also other personal care products like the beauty cosmetics.

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Talking about the beauty and personal care products, there are so many brands which manufacture products which are nothing but pure chemicals which actually do more bad fr the skin and health rather than doing any goof for the human skin.

Here I will list out some of the commonly known toxic ingredients which are a part and parcel of the skincare products in major brands of the country-


One of the most common ingredient present in skin whitening cosmetics like bleaching creams is Hydroquinone. Any skin bleaching cream which has over 2% of Hydroquinone can be harmful for the skin.It can lead to skin irritation, burning sensation and even cause cancer. It gives a severe burning sensation when applied on sensitive skin.


You must have heard about various products which mention in their product specification that this product if free from Parabens. Well, after extensive tests these ingredients are known to cause allergic reactions like skin rashes to those who have sensitive skin.These ingredients are primarily added to extend the shelf life of the products. But the studies have shown that these ingredients can be absorbed by the body through the skin which is certainly not something that can be justified by any cosmetic brand.

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Mineral Oil-

I remember using hair oil from brands like Dove, or take for instance Baby oil which is surely considered safe as it is used on very small babies but a close look at the ingredient list made me re-think about using it or even suggesting it to someone else due to the presence of Mineral Oil in it. It is known to dry out the skin which can even to lead to premature aging.


Another commonly spotted ingredient in several skincare product is basically used as a skin emollient in cosmetics. It doesn’t provide any added nourishment to the skin. But it actually interferes with body’s own natural moisturizing mechanism and leads to dryness and chapped skin.

Cetyl Alcohol

This is mainly a condemic ingredient which is quite commonly used in cosmetic products these days. This in know to cause irritations on sensitive skin and also worsen the condition of acne by inflaming the skin and drying the upper skin of the pimples. They also strip off the natural layer of skin causing excess sebum production which leads to many skin problems.

Synthetic Dyes

These are mainly used to give color to the cosmetics but actually these are highly carcinogenic and may even lead to skin cancer.


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Another widely spotted ingredients in most of the shampoos manufactured in India are Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES). These are mainly foaming agents which helps making lather when we shampoo our hair. SLS and SLES are cheap surfactants which are highly responsible for the major hair loss and pre-mature hair greying in people.


Skin bleach creams contains the highly toxic element mercury which can be extremely poisonous & fatal. The mercury in it can even start collecting in the cells of the body.It is  toxic and once when it gets into the body it become extremely impossible to flush the mercury out from the body as it  leads to severe liver damage and kidney failure.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is yet another common ingredient used in many skin lightening & whitening products. Any solution with more than 5% of Hydrogen Peroxide in it is banned in Europe due to the harmful effects on the skin and the other biological cell membranes. Also it should not be used along with Hydroquinone as it may lead to severe skin damage.

Diethanolamine (DEA)

This can cause eye irritation and allergic reaction.It can even cause dryness of the skin and hair.It too can be toxic when absorbed by the body.

 It is always better to use organic products even if they are a little expensive on the pocket but the effects are going to be extremely beneficial for your skin and there is no chance of developing any major disease due to the continuous use of these organic cosmetics.

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Have you checked your cosmetics ingredients list?

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