10 Traditional Gold Bengali Jewellery


10 traditional gold Bengali jewellery

Gold holds prime importance in the Bengali culture especially during religious ceremonies and marriages. The tradition of wearing gold jewellery in weddings is centuries old. Majority of the traditional gold jewellery incorporate designs that have been passed down the generation. Here are the top 10 traditional gold based jewellery that is popular among Bengali women even today. 6 Best Beauty Secrets Of Bengali Women

The Paati Haar:

One of the most primitive gold deigns is evident in this necklace. Bengali women wear this neck piece in occasions like marriages and Durga Puja even to this date. This ethnic neck wear is common among the affluent Bengali families. Earlier the designs were more complicated, making it tough to wear this necklace all day long. But today the jewellers have worked to make this neck wear more convenient to wear by making it broader and flat in shape so that women can flaunt this fashionable neck piece without undergoing any discomfort.

Paati Haar bengal jewelry

The Jhumko or Jhumka :

Also called chandelier earrings in English, this earring design displays flower motifs. It is hugely popular among the Bengali women. Many new designs and intricacies have been incorporated in the latest jhumkas making it more stylish and suitable for wearing with the present-day saris and other ethnic apparels.

jhumka india jewelry

The Nath:

These are traditional gold nose rings that are worn after having the nose pierced. They are mostly worn by the brides during a Bengali marriage ceremony. They add to the feminism of a bride or any woman for that matter. The Nath is traditionally a large-sized nose ring in the Bengali culture and it is said that the larger the size of the ring is, the more affluent the family is. This is the reason for Bonedi families (rich by heritage) encouraging the use of the large-sized nose rings during festivities and other important occasions.

nath bridal jewelry india

The Tikli:

Tikli too is another traditional gold jewellery used to adorn the head of a Bengali woman. It is worn during marriages by brides and also during the various festivals celebrated by the Bengalis. The designs are intricate and the more expensive ones include studded stones (both precious and semi-precious) in the delicately designed Tikli

tikle benal traditional jewelry

The Tairaa:

Similar to the tiaras worn in the Western culture by the brides, this gold ornament is used to hold the veils of a Bengali bride at the wedding ceremony. It is said that this piece of jewellery was inspired by the British fashion of yesteryears when they were the rulers of the country. A tairaa is basically tiara and mangtika combined to offer an elegant and graceful look to the new bride. It essentially helps in tying up the veil of the Bengali bride. In the image given below, actress Aushwarya Rai is wearing the traditional tairaa in a Bengali wedding scene.

taira bengal jewelry

The Choker or Chik:

This is closely-fitting neck wear that is worn on the higher part of the neck. It is broad in shape and is supposed to worn in such a way that it does not reach the collar bone in any way. Gold chokers in the modern era are mostly diamond-studded or come with pearls.

choker necklace bengal design

The Kaan:

Kaan is Bengali word for ears. This gold jewellery is shaped as the human ear is supposed to cover the entire ear when worn. Bengali brides flaunt this ornament during marriage ceremonies. A huge amount of this precious metal is used for making this kaan which comes up to a minimum of 15gm for each ear.

kaan bengali earrings

The Kaan Bala:

Chandelier earrings in gold also belong to the category of traditional Bengali jewelleries. Kaan Bala is favoured by most Bengali women and is inspired from the bangle’s shape. Bangles are called bala in Bengali which is why the ornament is named so.

kaan bala bengali jewelry

The Chur:

Traditional gold bracelets in Bengal are called Chur and have elegant designs carved on them. Although they are available in pairs you can buy one piece to create your own style statement. Hefty gold amount is required to make chur which can reach up to a staggering 50gm.

chur bengali jewellery

The Ratanchur:

The last of the top traditional gold ornaments of Bengal is the ratnachur. It has been surviving since the Mughal times. It is mostly a jewellery piece for the hand with five finger rings that are attached through individual chains to reach the wrist or arm. Sun, lotus and moon designs have been traditionally used in making those gold ornaments. Ratnachur is usually worn by a Bengali bride during her marriage ceremony.

ratnachur negali jewelry

So, these are the most commonly available and popular traditional gold jewellery pieces in Bengal.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of gold jewellery though I’ve to wear it as nothing else suits my skin. The designs are stunning Moupee

  2. I have a special affinity for gold jewelry ever since childhood days. Though maa’s every piece was kept safe in the bank locker, my boro dida( maa’s grandma) with whom i had the pleasure to spent some golden eight years of my life, feared that the bank people might take away her jewelry, or what if the bank get robbed..!! etc etc , used to keep them in a huge jewelry box in her room. And me? I had gala times wearing her benarasi and jewelry, dressing up like a bride. It became my routine “household task”.

  3. Wow…!

    Such a amazing collection of jewellery. I had never seen this type of jewellery designs. The jumka and Kaan both are traditionally created jewellery in my collection.

  4. Nice jwelery. Authentic designs of contemporary bengali jwelery will be awesome to know…if you can please provide info about that. Thanx…

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