10 travel and packing tips for India travel

                                                         Things to carry while traveling

I and my husband are travel freak.If we do not travel for two or three months we start missing the fun.Traveling in India is not easy if you don’t want to take the help of  Indian travel agents. We have got lot many surprises as well as sometimes almost heart attacks while traveling.

Once we went to Auli which is just one station before Badrinath.There was no direct train or flight to the place.We went to Hairdwar and changed 6 buses and jeep to reach to the place.There was no direct taxi available, no bus and no car there.So imagine how our body must be paining when we reached Auli. Thankfully we had awesome time after reaching Auli so I didn’t mind the trouble.
Vacation packing checklist
I am here writing some packing tips which I have learn from all my India traveling trips

1. Security while traveling in India – Always scan your passport, passport photos and paper e tickets and store it in an email.With security and theft being an important issue it always helps while traveling most of the famous places in India.You may never know when your pocket has been picked.Some time we have come across really helpful people where as sometime they have been a total cheat.

Save your emergency lost card telephone number in web based email account so that you can contact them if your ATM or credit card has been stolen.
Keep cash in different pockets and different bags while packing.This way you won’t be strapped from all the cash in one go.
2.Buy many small bottles– They always come handy for frequent travellers.You can store shampoos and other toiletries in them. Nowadays there are many travel size packing things available too in the market .Traveling with big bottles of shampoos, conditioner, face wash is an unnecessary burden.
It is always better to keep towels, face wash and other things which you use frequently on top of the bag.
3.Keeping Plastic bags while traveling– Never forget to keep 7-8 plastic bags with you.They are very helpful .You can use them to store dirty/wet clothes or as a garbage bags or many other thing.This time I used plastic bags to throw all the yummy custard apple pips which I had in my whole travel :p.You may never know when you need them.

Even zip lock plastic bags are quiet important to use.They are clear plastic so you do not have to spend too much of your time in searching for things. While unpacking your bags you can see what you want if you have stored things in zip locks bags.

This way if you are unpacking in custom then they can see everything without removing all your stuff.You can keep your shoes also inside the zip lock bags.They keep your bag odour free.

Clothes  packing while traveling – Go light on this as much as possible. I know it is difficult for girls but this really helps.2-3 shorts, legging, and 2 lowers with some shirts are more than enough for 1 week traveling tour.Don’t depend on washing during the trip.It doesn’t work most of the time.
Always carry one pull over even if you think it won’t be of use.You never know when Indian weather ditches you.

Beach bag– If you are heading towards a beach them prepare your beach bag. It is quiet a time saver.

Suitcase – If you believe in suitcase packing then make use of lot of card boards.They help you in keeping all your clothes organised.

Travel items such as mobile, mobile charger, torch, camera, camera battery charger are things which are must have for us.

Medication– Carrying common medication for fever, vomiting, cold etc. is a must have.
Tourism office – Best information are always given by locals.When ever you visit a place check out the tourism office .They give unbiased feedback most of the time.

Do you have any traveling tips to share with us?

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  1. The one thing which I never forget is medicines for various sickness like mountain sickness, sea sickness so you would want to carry that too otherwise simply throwing up the whole trip is no fun and I mean this seriously.
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