10 Travel Friendly Braid Hairstyles


10 Travel Friendly Braid Hairstyles

While traveling, we prepare all the things for the skin while packing with creams, for body, we wear comforting clothes, especially if it’s an overnight travel. What about your hair? One should not let the hair feel left alone! Hair also are subjected to all the dust and problems during the travel like the skin and the body. We must prepare ourselves well before the travel.

Today, I am focusing on the braid hairstyles that keep you free of any worry about your hair flying high in the dust or getting ruined in the sun. Or your worry about your hair color getting stained and faded. You can just choose from one of these styles and be free of your hair menace.

I can imagine sleeping in trains, buses with open hair or with a messy bun makes it difficult for you to rest your head properly. It is better to put them into a braid and be able to rest.

Braid within a braid

mermaid braid sidewise

This keeps you free from every hair strand! This is a perfect traveling braid hairstyle as it keeps every hair of yours locked and you are free to sleep anyway or lean your head anywhere.

Braided Bun

braids bun HAIRSTYLES

This is another free to go hairstyle. You can just put your side tresses in braids and then finally clutch them together in a bun to make it a stylish yet comfortable hairstyle to carry while traveling.

Curled Up Roll Braid

This one is for the women with curly hair or very long hair which get unruly and make it uneasy and uncomfortable. This hairstyle makes you free of your heavy hair. All you need to do is to create a small bun out of a circular section of your hair in the center. Now start creating braids of hair around that bun and begin to cover the entire hair partings until your hair are fully braided all around. Ensure you form braids with clear partings to allow hair to fall in place. Now tie braids on both sides with a pin to form a circular braided hairstyle.

Multi-Stranded Braid

braid how to make

This is another style to safeguard your hair. Make three large sections of your hair and braid them. After braiding them individually, secure them with bands. Now create a new braid with these individual braids and you are done!

Mermaid style Braid

Messy fishtail braid with flowers

This one is a side braid which is made with making two sections of your entire hair in a side. Now make two braids at the side and then create a single braid by combining them as we did in multi stranded braid. This way your braid will be side –parted which is always travel friendly, and will also look thicker and attractive.

French Braided Bun

braids buns

This one is quick if you know how to make a French braid. Make a French braid of your hair and then put it in a quick bun.

Simple Braided bun

braid style makeup tutorial final

This one is even quicker than the previous one. Just braid your hair and put it in a bun. That is it!

Simple Braid

side swept messy braid

This one is most common. I have put it down the list to ensure it does not sound the obvious. But if we notice, it is the easiest to be made.

Bohemian Braid Bun

braided updo

If you are in awe of bohemian braids which give you crimps, you could try that while you are traveling. As these are tightly done there is least chance of your hair tasting dust.

Low lying braid Bun


This one is for those who like to be absolutely free while traveling. Just put your hair into a loose braid and be free.

Which of these is your favorite Bun hairstyle?

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