10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses


10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses

Have you ever thought to be stylish while you travel or being comfy I what that matters to you???
If you ask me, it is all about comfort, I wear no makeup just a tinted lip balm, loose harem pants or comfy lowers and tees, with flats. Of course I can be reckless with my styling and take travelling as an excuse since I have no shutterbugs around, but does the same imply for bollywood celebrities?

It is a big NOoooooo. The bollywood stars can never be carefree about how they look. They cannot even if they wish because we hate to see them like this, you really got to agree here, you will never appreciate a sight of mismatched clothes on your favorite celebs.

Our bollywood Divas no this fact quite well and understand being a public figure is not easy, and they are always in style, no matter if that is even after a 20 hour flight. These divas have their own comfy yet fashionable looks and are always ready to get clicked.

Today I shall show you ten bollywood actresses’ style while they travel. Have  a look:

Anushka Sharma


10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses -ANUSHKA SHARMA (1)

Ohhh why did she do this to her lips???? 🙁

Let us leave her lips alone her, since we are here to checkout her style not any cosmetic surgery that went wrong. She looked fab in her stripped top and pairing it with a skinny jeans and laces boots was a great idea. She nailed the look, do not miss out her beige hand bag and black jacket. I can bet she would have looked perfect with that jacket on.

By the way the fringe hair cut complimented her well and took a little attention away from her lips.



10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses -SRIDEVI


This bollywood actress is not going to let age come her way anytime soon. I mean look at her, she has a great and fit body even at the age of 51 and has a perfect sense of style.

She was spotted at an airport in a casual yet stylish jumpsuit with satchel bag and a jacket. I wish she had a little basic makeup, but then I know that might have bothered her during travelling so no score cutting for this.

Kalki Koechlin


10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses -KALKI KOECHLIN

I totally loved her style here, moreover that looked cute to me still of that tom boyish appeal. The baggy jeans are so comfy and she just did the right thing by pairing these with a white tank top, tan shoes, black waist coat and the fedora jacket.

Chitrangadha Singh


10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses -CHITRANGADHA SINGH (1)

Again a no makeup lady her in this list! I loved all that she is wearing here, though the cowboy boots stole the show here and her shades did the right thing to hide her under eyes and make her look beautiful even without makeup.

Sonam Kapoor


10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses -SONAM KAPOOR (1)

How can we not have the fashionista here???

Yes we are talking about, Sonam Kapoor. This beautiful actress is always in style and during travels too she is in her perfect fashion mood. Sonam here was clicked in crisp white shirt paired with black pants and a long floral jacket. Her makeup too looked perfect and did not make her look tired.

Aishwaraya Rai Bachchan


10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses -AISHWARYA RAI

The yummy mummy is very often spotted with her daughter Araadhya during her travels and is never disturbed when clicked with her. I adore her comfy yet stylish look here. What can be more comfy than a pair of legging and these paired with a sexy tunic is always a safe bet. The long overcoat did a lot to raise the style quotient of this look.

Priyanka Chopra


10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses -PRIYANKA CHOPRA

A list without her always looks incomplete to me. She is a true diva after all with managing everything perfectly be it acting, singing or her style. Priyanka is often spotted in comfy styles for her travels and so was the case here as well. The leather jacket, graphic tee and denim when paired together is a “bull’s eye” shot.

Katrina Kaif


10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses -KATRINA KAIF (1)


Katrina Kaif is one amongst those bollywood actresses who look flawless even without makeup
A lose and comfy sweater can keep you cozy in a long cold flight.  And light makeup is more than enough to make her look polished. It was a all black look here. The loose white and black sweater went well with the black leather pants and made her look picture perfect. But I still question, was she even comfortable with those tight fitted leather pants while travelling?

Kareena Kapoor Khan


10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses -KAREENA KAPOOR

I love her here, the white ruffled shirt paired with distressed jeans is quite a fashionable statement in itself and those pair of shades and the handbag did the icing for her look.

By the way I would really want to bring some highlight over the photographer’s shot. The whole pose looks like an aerobic exercise pose.

Nargis Fakhri


10 Travel Styles Of Bollywood Actresses -NARGIS FAKHRI

Love her comfy look here, though a little makeup could have done to make her look more beautiful. This look of hers is very girl, comfortable & Stylish and is even easily adaptable by common girls. Nothing can beat the comfort that harem pants have. And the all black look was perfect.

These were some travel styles that our bollywood divas follow.

Who among these you adored and will love to follow?

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  1. loved the styles. I’m a huge fan fan of deepika’s travel style.
    Talking about comfort, Priyanka said that she changes before alighting the flight 😛


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