10 Traveling Essentials And Tips & Tricks


10 Traveling Essentials And Tips & Tricks

Traveling is fun, but sometimes, it can be tiresome too. Whenever we travel on an airplane or sit through a long car, bus or train ride, it’s easy to end up looking really tired and messy. So your traveling looks should always be comfortable and as well as stylish. We have to keep in mind the hours we have to spend traveling, thus comfort factor is truly essential.


how to dress while travelling


But that doesn’t mean you’ll go out in your favorite payjamas, we have to keep in mind the style factor as well. The key is to merge these two factors beautifully.

And so we are here with a guide to easy travel tricks and tips which will aid in a beautiful travel experience.

  • Haste makes Waste: Pack your luggage beforehand. Don’t wait for the final hours to pack up your essentials. If you do so, there are chances you’ll miss packing something you need and will cause additional stress as well. Don’t begin your trip flustered.


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  • Adequate sleep: Adequate sleep is very necessary the night before you travel. Make sure you get enough sleep, that will reduce your stress and will make you looking fresh and most importantly, feeling fresh.
  • Eating healthy: Try to eat healthy on the day of your travel and if possible the before as well. Stomach upset isn’t cool when traveling.
  • Choose your outfit: As I said in my opening lines, wear something which is comfortable as well as stylish. Go for medium fitted jeans, sweatpants, and harem pants too if you are comfortable in those. Perky colorful shorts or denim shorts are good option as well. Wear light fitted T-shirts or shirts or any top of your choice. Make sure they aren’t too tight that you feel claustrophobic during the long hours of your journey. Keep a sweatshirt/jacket handy in case you feel cold.


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  • New shoes?? NO NO: Don’t wear completely new shoes when traveling. Or if you have to, make sure you prep the pair well beforehand so that you don’t end up having boils. New shoes are fun, but limping isn’t.
  • Tie up your hair: Tie up your hair in a loose or clean bun or in a pony tail. They look simple and stylish. Open hair can become messy if you don’t have the perfectly groomed hair.
  • Avoid too much makeup: A BB cream, your favorite kohl and a swipe of gloss is okay, but don’t go overboard with makeup.


makeup for travelling


  • What to pack? You should do a little research about the destination and then pack accordingly so that you don’t face any inconvenience while you are there. Pack tops that will go with all of your bottoms that you are planning to carry and vice versa.

Some travel essentials that you must carry on your hand bag:-

  • Wet Wipes: To make you clean and fresh. If you are traveling via plane, then it is okay, otherwise wet wipes are needed to remove the dirt which accumulates when you are travelling.


wet wipes travel must have


  • Medicines and Band-aids: Keep your medicines handy.
  • Chewing gums: To freshen the breathe.
  • Body Lotion: In case your skin feels dehydrated.
  • Perfume/Deodorant: Smelling good is very necessary. Use it whenever you want.
  • Snacks: To munch on in case you feel hungry. 😛
  • Comb, lip balm, kohl, a small mirror: For touch ups in case you have to.
  • A bottle of water: Airplanes don’t allow, but road travel is not possible with bottles of water.
  • Purse: All your money, credit/debit cards and don’t forget your id cards.


must carry while travelling


  • Mobile Phone and keys: These I often forget back.

Hope these tips will help you in a tension free trip. Let us know if you feel we missed any.

Do you have more travel essentials to add to the list?

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