10 Unique Ways of Using Eye Shadows


Hi Beauties!

I am here today to discuss some unique ways of using eye shadows that lie in your unopened locked pallets which you have kept and seen long ago. Well then get ready to take them out of those closed pallets and use them for reasons other than they are meant to be.

As an eye liner

Yes! Don’t be surprised. This eye liner trick is pretty obvious and good to go. It is very good to use trick specially if you are not using your eye shadows. This eye liner trick would assure you an easy eye makeup when you have no time for eye makeup! Did not get it? you will if you do what I told you.

Just take your eye liner brush, make it wet and dip it in your eye shadow of the color that you want. Now create a line near your lashes. You may smudge it using your fingers or your brush only to create a smoky look. Or else you can create winged or any other type of eye liner looks you want.

eyeshadow as an eyeliner

As a highlighter

You may use a light shade of your eye shadow like beige, cream or pink as a highlighter. Use it on your cheekbones or on the nose bridge to get a great look. The natural glow it gives it absolutely amazing!

highlighter wedding makeup bourjois eyeshadow

As a blush

You can also use it as a blush specially if your eye shadow palette has shades like pink or orange or even red. Do not use a shimmery eye shadow though as it may spoil the look instead of enhancing it. Also, begin using a smaller quantity of color and then increase it if required.

MAC saffron eyeshadow as blush eyeshadow as blush

As a concealer for your under-eye dark circles

Eye shadows and dark circles look quite unmatched but yes it’s true! You can actually hide your dark circles using the concealers of opposite colors as you can match on the color wheel. For example, if you mix orange and blue which are opposite to each other on the wheel, they nullify each other and become a good hide through for the dark circles under your eye. You can then set them using foundation or matte powder so that these do not reach your fine lines.

For hiding grey hair

Yes! This is the most amazing use you can put your eye shadows to. Apply your eye shadow (a matte one) with a swipe over the strands you see and you are done! Well you see how an eye shadow palette can help you hide your grey strand and make a good solution for your bad hair days!

use eyeshadow to hide grey

For contouring

If you are new to makeup and you are not ready to spend on contouring, you can actually use your eye shadow to practice it. If you use an eye shadow which is darker than your skin, you can actually follow the contouring lines on your face and use it as one.

As a brow powder

Sometimes it so happens that we miss out on a brow pencil and it is the only thing that is left for us to take care of. We can use the eye shadow with an angled brush and fill the gaps to make it appear fuller and complete.

eyebrows shaping and filling by using revlon products

As a lip gloss

If you mix your eye shadow with Vaseline, you can actually create a lip gloss for yourself. This is a great trick which I have already shared before but it stays as one of my favorite DIY so shared it again.

As a nail polish

This is another amazing use of an eye shadow specially the color which got crushed or broken. All you need to do is to crush it to powdered form and put it in any clear nail polish of your choice.

As a color corrector

You can always use your eye shadow for color correction as it can effectively ensure you a better color. All you need is to know the color wheel again.

Hope these tricks come in handy and you are able to out your abandoned eye shadow palette to a good use.




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