10 Unusual Ways to Use Green Tea Apart From Skin Care


10 Unusual Ways to Use Green Tea Apart From Skin Care

Green tea is known for its health benefits as a substitute for the regular tea or coffee. But if you come to discuss its benefits, there are some surprising benefits that it may entail and which may leave you astonished to learn. I am here today to share 10 Unusual Ways to Use Green Tea Apart From Skin Care which would make you feel quite enlightened about the benefits that green tea can give you apart from skincare. So let’s get on to it.

Green Tea can help you achieve a lot of tangible benefits when it comes to things other than your skin. Read below and feel good about knowing the facts right.

10 uses of green tea

Blood pressure maintenance

If you drink green tea twice to thrice a day, you are working on your blood pressure. This specially works for people who have a problem of high blood pressure.

Irritation and Redness

Green tea bags can help you in relieving irritation or redness to a great extent. Allow a boiled tea bag or tea bags, depending on the area and requirement, to cool down. Soak a soft cloth in water and use it after discarding the excessive water. Do not rub but gently pat it on the affected area.

green tea hacks for women

Dental care

Drinking one cup of green tea in a day helps you improve your dental health. It is a proven acclaim made by experts who say that it is a boost for people between 40-60 years of age specifically.

Weight Loss

This is known but still reiterating it. If you are looking to shed those extra pounds, you should try drinking green tea as it helps in decreasing your body weight and helps it stay toned.

Green Tea Mask -


If you have suffered a bad sunburn, you should apply cooled green tea extracts or washcloth dipped and cooled in green tea to apply on the burnt skin. You would find soothing effects almost immediately.


Green tea can help bleeding! Yes! If you see someone bleeding due to a rash or a cut, you should place a cooled tea bag extract over it. Bleeding will stop.

Cleaning Carpet

This one would take most of you by surprise or shock if you still have not felt astonished. If you take green tea leaves and place them all over the carpet you need to clean, you would find that once you vacuum clean them, all the dirt would accompany the leaves and go away from the carpet. This is because the green tea leaves attract dirt.

green tea for metabolism

Foot Odour

If you suffer from it or someone in your family does, advise them to soak their feet in green tea extracts once or twice a week. Green tea would not only sanitize their feet but also would give it a freedom from foul smell.

Freshening up your drawers

It sometimes happens that you find a faint yet disturbing odour in your closets, almirah etc. If you leave a few green tea leaves in a plastic in your closet, it will be taken care of.

Green tea

Ice Cream

I kept it for the last as I knew this would be the most surprising one. Green tea is an accepted flavour of ice cream that is actually present on Japanese menu cards if you go there. This sure is a healthy delight, isn’t it?


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