10 Ways To Avoid Dark Lips


10 Ways To Avoid Dark Lips


If you have genetically dark lips, there are probably no solutions except opting for some cosmetic procedures. But if you had pretty pink lips earlier which turned dark then only you are responsible for your malady. Main reasons behind dark lips are


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These can be present in lipsticks and also in skin care products, sometimes even in the reputed brands. Regular use of such products contributes towards darkened lips. These compounds cause allergies due to fragrances and dyes. It is advisable to check the ingredients of your cosmetics and stop using them if you find any of those to be guilty 😛


The caffeinated drinks stain lips and teeth. If consumption is very high, the staining becomes permanent and causes dark lips. Dehydrated lips- If you drink very less water, chances are very high that your pink pout will turn black in no time. Lips remain dry all the time and gradually become dark. Drinking sufficient water is good for your lips as well as your overall beauty and health.

The Sunny-Sunny Day


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Sun rays are one of the prime causes behind dark lips. The UV rays harm the delicate lips as much as they harm the rest of your skin. The lips become hyper pigmented just as our skin become tanned. It is always advised to use a lip balm or other lip-products that contain SPF.

The nicotine-stick

For smokers, it is the biggest culprit. Have you noticed dark lips of our very own chain-smoker Shahrukh Khan? As we all know the many ill-effects of smoking, it is best to say good bye to the smoke-rings.

Expired Products


how to avoid dark lips naturally


If you don’t check the expiry date of your cosmetics, then you are sure to get some side-effects with mindless usage. Expired lip products are the worse things, you can use to ‘beautify’ your pout.

No Exfoliation

Just like our face and body, lips too need regular exfoliation to stay soft. Exfoliate your lips with a good scrub made especially for the delicate lips. You can make one at home or use the readymade ones. Even using baby-toothbrush is a good option.

Licking and Sucking

You have surely got luscious lips but that doesn’t mean that you keep ‘tasting’ them throughout the day 😉 Saliva dries out the lips and they become dark. Your lips can get cuts if you bite them too much.


Chlorine is not good for lips. It darkens the lips with regular usage of chlorinated water. Avoid this slow-killer.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

If you don’t take a nutritious diet, your lips are bound to suffer. Vitamins E and C are needed for good skin. Include various fruits and vegetables in your diet.


dark lips treatment


There are many remedies for dark lips on Wiseshe. Try them to get lovely lips.

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  1. Maybelline Baby lips turned my baby pink lips dark …And im not the only one. Did the same thing to my sister. I have stopped using BBY LIPS. a bit of pinkness has since then returned.. can u suggest good lip balsm as i have very very dry lips?


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