10 Ways to Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger


10 Ways to Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger


Well, this post doesn’t talks about any cosmetic procedures to be done in order to get your small eyes look bigger but it is just about the simple day to day tricks one comes across in knowing the basics of makeup.

Makeup addiction landed me on this interesting topic and because I am blessed with teeny weeny eyes, I got more interested in knowing all about it… 🙂

So, let’s get all eyes and ears about the makeup tips which will make those little eyes sparkle and win several hearts…!

Grooming the eyebrows

Firstly, the eyebrows should be well groomed and shaped according to the shape of the face. It should not be so thick so that the eyes look sunken against them and also should not be very thin to project the eyes alone. It is simple and easy to decide which type of eyebrows (dense or sparse) will look good on your face. So, stick to that because this is the first step in making your eyes appear more projected and bigger.


grooming the eyebrows


Curl your lashes

Another instant tip which is really observed by many is to curl your lashes with the help of an eye lash curler and wooah you can see for yourself that your eyes appear bigger after that.


curl your lashes


Apply double coats of Mascara

I love putting Mascara on my eyelashes and this is also helpful in making my eyes look pretty dramatic and defined. Mascara should always be applied after curling your lashes and after applying the first coat wait for a few minutes and double up another coat of it on the to lash to give a lifted effect to the eyes.


applying double coats of mascara


Applying Eye shadow

This is another tip followed by renowned makeup artists to apply a light shade of eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes to make the eyes look more opened and bigger. Ideally you can combine two shades of eye shadow and create a dimensional effect on the eyelids. Apply the lighter shade on the corners of the eye, all over the lids and keep the deeper shade confined to the outer corners of the eye.

Applying eyeliner

This is also a great trick in making the eyes look brighter and bigger. If you have small eyes, never apply eyeliner all over the eyes instead apply it just on the upper lash line and start drawing from the inner corner to the outer corner keeping it thicker at the centre to the outer end. You can apply colored eyeliners to give a more expanding look to the eyes making them look bigger.


applying eyeshadow


Using Kohl

Applying light shades of kohl in the eyes which don’t work up in shrinking your eyes would be the best for small eyes.


applying kohl


Using False eyelashes

The use of false eyelashes is also a life saver for small eyed beauties as using them will naturally give a denser looking lash line and make your eyes appear bigger. These false lashes are very easy to use and pocket friendly too, so it acts as a great natural way to make your small eyes look bigger.


false eyelashes


Don’t forget the waterline

It is equally important to apply some deeper shade of eye shadow or eye pencil such as white shade as this will even out the size of the eyes and also the makeup applied on the eyelids.


don't forget the waterline


Get the smoky effect on your eyes

The smoky eye makeup is surely a head turner and capable of grabbing maximum attention. But for small eyes the simple gothic smoky eye would not suffice instead of it, create a smoky effect by combining some colored shades with black or brown as they will not shrink the area of your eyes and the smoky effect would turn out to be quite complimenting for you.


get the smoky effect


Stick to your eyeballs for perfection

Every woman has different structure of eyes so it is safer to adhere to the natural eye shape and do not overdo anything (eye shadow, eyeliner, kohl, mascara) so as to cover up your eyelids and make them look small. It is also worth mentioning that dark circles need to be concealed properly to make the eye makeup effective in making your eyes appear bigger than usual.


stick to eye balls for perfection


Did you like these ideas of making small eyes appear bigger?

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  1. Awesome post Ira :yes: Even skipping lining the waterline with kohl and using a nude eye pencil instead helps to make eyes look bigger. :lashes: White is sometimes too stark on our Indian skin. Love the write-up as always dear :-*

  2. me too miss all you gals…haan re was bzy in various household chores. Got time in the evening so first thing I did was to check the blog obviously 🙂


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