10 Ways Of Using Potato Juice & Benefits


10 Ways Of Using Potato Juice & Benefits

Hello dear friends!

You know how each and every ingredient in the kitchen is full of benefits either for our skin or body. This is what makes me love natural ways and home remedies to try out. I have dark circles, like really dark and they are genetic. I have tried various natural ways to treat them but it takes a lot of commitment and time for them to show the results. And for a lazy person like me, i end up leaving these remedies mid way. Hence, i am still searching for some good products which can do the miracle for me :-\

So, recently i have started using potato juice on my skin again and it struck me, why don’t i share the benefits of potato juice with you? Here, I am listing some great benefits of potato juice. I am sure you will love to try them out.


potato for under eyes


1. Potato juice can be applied daily on the face to reduce the blemishes. apply cold potato juice on the affected area to get clear and perfect skin

2. Potato juice can treat sunburns effectively. Place some slices of potato on sunburn affected area or dab some juice on the face. This will impart a cooling sensation after application and the burning sensation will mellow down.

3. You can also apply potato juice daily on your face to keep the wrinkles at bay. For all the young ladies, premature ageing signs can be best treated using potato juice. This is one of the best benefits of potato juice.

4. Now, comes my remedy 😛 This is what i use potato juice for – to reduce dark circles. Place slices of potato on your eyes for 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm warm. You can also apply potato juice using a cotton pad or ball right under your eye to get rid of dark circles.


potato juice for blemsihes and oily skin


5. As potato juice is used for permanent dark circles, it can also solve the problem of puffy eyes. Tired, puffy eyes can be treated with potato juice by placing slices of potato on the eyes for about 20 minutes. You can massage your eyes with potato juice and then leave it for 10 minutes before washing off.

6. To get the glowing face naturally, you can use potato juice daily on your face. You can also grate the potato and apply this grated mixture on your face. This application helps to reduce face swelling, if any, and bleaches the skin naturally.

7. Wonders of potato are not only limited to skin. Now, you can treat the problem of grey hair with potato, too. Boil potato peels in water and stain this water. Use this water as a last rinse after shampoo. This will help to darken your grey hair with an additional touch of health and shine to the hair.

8. Grate potato and extract its juice. Then blend it with multani mitti and lemon juice. Apply this mix on your scar –affected face for 20 minutes. On continuous use , you will get flawless and perfect face.

9. Grate a potato and mix it with half a teaspoon of curd. Apply this mix on the face. Leave this preparation on your face for 20 minutes before washing it off. This is an excellent anti-aging mask, which hydrates your skin from deep within. This mask replenishes moisture into the dryness-ravaged skin to iron out the fine lines effectively.


Mask For Dark Circles potato in chilled water+dark eye circles


10. Mix cucumber and potato juice in equal measure and apply this mix on your face including the area around the eyes. Both ingredients work well to lighten your skin tone. Cucumber is packed with the goodness of ascorbic acid and caffeic acid; Potato contains liquid starch content and Catecholase, an engime which helps in lightening the skin and treating the puffiness of eyes.

I hope you like this article stating the various benefits and uses of potato juice.

Have you tried any of them?

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  1. I love potatoes….i have recently started using potato juice for reducing hair-loss as per Wiseshe recommendation…!! 🙂


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